Top 5 Books Which Will Get You Into Studies

Have a hard time motivating yourself to study

Do not worry, as we have brought help. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing five of the best books which will get you right into the groove of studying.

If you cannot find these books in your local bookstore, then do not worry, as you can download them from the pirate bay for free!

A Habit Of Reading

A habit of reading itself is a good way to get into the groove of studying. So, why not start your reading list with books which can inspire you to study regularly and stop procrastinating?

1. Make It Stick – The Science Of Successful Learning

If there is a holy bible for inspiration when it comes to studies, then many would very easily pick this book out of the bunch.

Now, all the students who aren’t that keen on science do not go by the name and reject this book right away. Yes, it does give you scientific ways to use the resources available to us and study effectively, but in a much more innovative manner.

You will find interesting case studies and anecdotes of other students who have described the reality of studying. It just doesn’t speak about the instructions but also how it feels to use different techniques.

Once you start reading it, a boost of inspiration to study is on its way.

2. The Secrets of Top Students

Have you always wanted to study smarter? Like not for hours on end, because apparently, that is not working. By the 6th hour, you forget what you have read in the first hour.

The Secrets Of Top Students by Stefanie Weisman will exclusively talk about how the toppers do it. The shocking realization is that they do not actually study for hours. They rather divide the day with appropriate breaks or study smartly, which helps them retain most of the information they have read.

Retention is the key to attentive studying, whether you are able to remember so much without reading it for hours. Ever wondered how the spell bee champions are able to remember so much? Just grab or download this book today.

3. Do The Work

Do you know one of the biggest challenges that today’s youth face when it comes to studying?

It is procrastination!

For some reason, they are not able to stop themselves from scrolling endlessly through youtube shots or Instagram. It is almost like a reflex impulse. However, psychologists believe that procrastination is never strong enough, which means we are letting it win.

In a way, we are our biggest enemy. This book by Steven Pressfield goes into the nitty gritty of why we procrastinate and how we can stop these distractions without having control over our determination to study.

4. The Obstacle Is The Way

What happens when you fail in a venture?

Depression engulfs you to the point that you do not wish to do anything. Motivation and enthusiasm are feelings long gone, and all you can do is focus on the obstructions. However, did you know that ancient Greeks believed in this concept called Stoicism?

This is where you learn the art of fortitude, which helps you take control of your destructive emotions. The feeling of unwillingness from every work is destructive for yourself, and Rayn Holiday’s ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ will delve into the art of stoicism and how you can jump back after a failure in your academic life.

5. Mouth Full Of Blood

Yes, the name of the book is not that appealing, but we sweat that the contents are. If you face a challenge to finish an essay, and ‘writer’s block’ has become a common excuse to procrastinate while finishing that paper, then you need this book.

In ‘Mouth Full Of Blood’ by Toni Morrison, you will see historically recorded collections of essays and lectures by famous Nobel prize winners. Their words of wisdom and pointers of inspiration will immediately get into the groove of finishing that essay.

Plus, this is an excellent choice if you wish to get a good grasp on your diction for writing better essays in the future.

Get Set Reading

Now that you have got your list, without wasting any more time in procrastination, why not get into the reading right away?

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