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Top 7 Best ROI Home Improvement Projects for Homeowners in 2022

Do you know the water damaged ceiling repair cost? It is usually $45 to $55 per square foot, including labor

If you want massive ROI on your home improvement projects, you need to know which ones are both in fashion and sure to continuously boost your home’s equity. No matter what price range you’re good for, there is a project that can help you boost equity and make your home shine with a beautiful new look or function. For those still looking for the perfect project, here are the top seven best ROI home improvement projects for homeowners in 2022: 

When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s important to choose ones that not only enhance your living space but also add value to your home. That’s why many homeowners opt for home remodeling projects that offer a great return on investment. If you’re looking for a reputable company to handle your home remodeling project in Houston, consider MIF Contracting. Their team of experts can help you turn your vision into reality with their extensive experience and exceptional craftsmanship

1. Kitchen Islands 

If you want a remodeling option that will make your home equity explode with new value, you need to consider adding a kitchen island to your home. The centered design allows you to place all of your cooking, prep, disposal, and storage needs in one, beautifully designed location. For those who love hosting, the amount of space this will add to your kitchen, the efficiency it will give you when you cook, and the class it will add to your home will make the investment well worth your money and time. 

2. Updated Front Doors

Front doors are the portal that invites you in – every time that you come home, or when you invite a guest in. With that in mind, it’s also one of the first things potential buyers and home appraisers notice when looking at a home. If your door is dingy or lacks a cohesive sense of style with the rest of the home, it will fail to charm them. To update your door, you need to consider the aesthetic, material, look, and color before making a final decision. If you choose right, you will boost your home equity considerably. 

3. Landscaping Projects 

Curb appeal is key when building home equity and making your home look beautiful. Even if your house itself is gorgeous, a sparse or uncared-for lawn will make your home look out of place amongst your neighbors’ good-looking homes. Landscaping can vary wildly depending on the look and style you want from your home, and the region you live in can affect your landscaping capabilities considerably as well. Simply getting in contact with a professional, and working to find the right landscaping cure for your home’s curb appeal will point you in the right direction. 

4. Bathroom Remodels 

Bathrooms are one of the most essential rooms in a house, as they guarantee that you can live a comfortable and clean life. When looking at the modern housing marketplace, a huge emphasis is placed on whether a bathroom has current, trending features (such as bidets and updated showerheads). Making sure your bathroom impresses potential buyers and appraisers is key to boosting your home’s equity. As a bonus, you’ll have one of the nicest bathrooms in your neighborhood. 

5.  Garage Door Replacements 

Similar to a home’s front door, the look, state, and functions of a garage door is crucial when it comes to making a solid first impression. Additionally, a solid garage door with modern features will make your home way more impressive and comfortable. You can even spice up the actual garage interior alongside your garage door for an extra massive boost in your home’s equity. With the right work and research, you’ll handle this project in a way that will make your home sleeker than it’s ever been before. 

6. Decks and Patios 

Adding a deck or patio to your home is a surefire way to drastically increase your home’s equity. That being said, the project is one of the most expensive on this list, so it may not be right for everybody. If you can swing the cash, however, decks and patios will drastically increase the coziness of your home. If you love hosting, the extra space and beauty of a brand-new deck or patio will make 2022 a year for gatherings that will stick in your mind and heart for the rest of your life. 

7. Vinyl Siding Replacement 

Especially if your home’s siding is in poor condition, updating the siding is one of the best ways to increase your home’s equity. Vinyl siding replacement is still popular and fashionable (and it’s one of the cheapest, yet functional options you have for your home’s siding). The maintenance for keeping vinyl siding slick and clean is easy as well, making this renovation a great choice for readers who want a quick, simple way to boost their home’s equity. 

A Beautiful New Home Awaits 

With these projects, you can make your home the absolute best-looking house in your neighborhood (or perhaps your whole town). Finding projects that will fit the aesthetic of your home, and your personal living needs will grant you way more than just a simple boost in your home’s equity. There are infinite choices available, so finding the perfect home improvement project is the best way to make 2022 your best year as a homeowner. 

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