Trolls Band Together Release Date: Get Ready for a Colorful Musical Adventure!

Trolls Band Together Release Date: Are you ready to join the Trolls party once again? If you’re a fan of glitter, magic, and catchy tunes, you’re in for a treat this fall as DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures bring us the third installment of the colorful and zany Trolls franchise, aptly titled ‘Trolls Band Together.’ This sequel follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, promising a vibrant and fun-filled adventure.

The Release Date

Mark your calendars for November 17, 2023, because that’s when ‘Trolls Band Together’ is hitting theaters. It’s set to face some tough competition with the release of other highly-anticipated films, including the Hunger Games prequel ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,’ Taika Waititi‘s sports comedy ‘Next Goal Wins,’ and Eli Roth’s holiday slasher ‘Thanksgiving.’

The Streaming Debut

While ‘Trolls World Tour’ took the on-demand route due to the pandemic, ‘Trolls Band Together’ is following the original film’s path and will make its debut exclusively in theaters. But don’t worry, if you can’t catch it on the big screen, the film will eventually become available for streaming on Peacock.

Sneak Peeks: Trailers and Featurettes

Excited to see what’s in store for Poppy and Branch in ‘Trolls Band Together’? You’re in luck because the official trailer dropped on March 28, 2023. This two-minute preview offers a glimpse into the film’s story, as Branch embarks on a journey to reconnect with his long-lost family, all while paying tribute to the art of 2D animation.

But wait, there’s more! On September 14, a second trailer was released, hinting at a heartwarming family reunion for Poppy as well. And on October 10, a featurette took fans behind the scenes, introducing the star-studded cast that brings the Trolls universe to life.

Meet the Voices Behind the Trolls

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return to voice the beloved characters Poppy and Branch, respectively. Kendrick, known for her roles in musicals like ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Pitch Perfect,’ joins forces with Timberlake, who’s not just a pop sensation but also an experienced voice actor, having previously appeared in ‘Shrek the Third.’

The Trolls ensemble doesn’t stop there. The cast includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zooey Deschanel, Aino Jawo, Caroline Hjelt, Anderson .Paak, Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Kenan Thompson, Camila Cabello, Zosia Mamet, RuPaul Charles, Troye Sivan, Daveed Diggs, Eric André, Kid Cudi, Amy Schumer, and Andrew Rannells. With such a star-studded lineup, ‘Trolls Band Together’ promises to be a musical extravaganza.

Behind the Camera

Walt Dohrn, who co-directed the first film and directed the second, returns to direct ‘Trolls Band Together,’ with Tim Heitz co-directing. Gina Shay takes on the role of producer, ensuring that the Trolls continue to dance, sing, and spread joy on the big screen.

The Trolls Phenomenon

The Trolls franchise, inspired by the popular toy dolls from the 1960s, has become a cultural phenomenon. In addition to the films, Universal sells a wide range of Trolls-themed merchandise, from toys to lunch boxes and even video games. The franchise also boasts a touring concert, allowing fans to experience the Trolls magic live.

All three Trolls films are computer-animated jukebox musical comedies, featuring catchy songs and a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere. Notably, ‘Trolls’ gave us the chart-topping hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” performed by Justin Timberlake, which received Grammy recognition.

The Trolls universe has expanded beyond the big screen with successful TV series like ‘Trolls: The Beat Goes On!’ and ‘Trolls: TrollsTopia.’ Additionally, two holiday specials, ‘Trolls Holiday’ and ‘Trolls: Holiday in Harmony,’ have entertained audiences on NBC.

Trolls Band Together Release Date

Catch Up with the Trolls

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Trolls, consider watching the first two films, ‘Trolls’ (2016) and ‘Trolls World Tour.’ These movies are not only essential for understanding the plot but also guarantee a fun and uplifting experience. In the first film, Poppy and Branch embark on a journey to rescue their kidnapped friends from the Bergens, leading to an unlikely but heartwarming friendship.

Get ready to dance, sing, and hug your way into the colorful world of ‘Trolls Band Together’ when it hits theaters this November. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or new to the Trolls universe, this musical adventure promises to be a joyous and entertaining experience for all ages.

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