Types of Boxed Packaged Goods

Depending on what you are trying to sell, there are a variety of boxes that are available to you. There are corrugated boxes, clamshells, and rigid boxes.

Corrugated boxes

Using corrugated boxes for boxed packaged goods is a great way to maximize durability, reliability, and efficiency. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and can be manufactured to fit your needs. In addition, they are easy to customize with company logos, designs, and adhesives.

The most common types of corrugated cardboard boxes include single-wall and combined board. Single-wall board consists of one sheet of corrugated medium attached to two sheets of liner. It may be used for retail displays or shipping boxes.

Combined board is made up of two or three sheets of corrugated medium. These are glued together to form a pad of the desired thickness. It is a very strong material relative to its cost.

The most common types of corrugated boxes are slotted and self-erecting. They are stacked in bundles of two or more wrapped boxes. The tubes are also part of the style. They provide protection and compression strength.

Corrugated boxes are designed to perform in extreme weather conditions. They are also lightweight and environmentally friendly. They are an essential part of world shipping. They can reduce fuel consumption and shipping costs. They are also used to keep merchandise clean and free of bacteria.

Paperboard boxes

Compared to rigid boxes, paperboard boxes are more economical and environmentally friendly. They are also recyclable. Paperboards are made from wood pulp. This material is available in various grades and thicknesses.

Paperboard can be coated with antistatic chemicals, making it ideal for safely packing electronics. The surface of the paperboard can be smooth, embossed, printed or laminated. Depending on the need for the packaging, the printing process may be silk screen, lithographic, gravure, or flexographic.

Paperboard is also commonly called card stock or cardboard. The thickness of paperboard varies between 0.008″ and 0.048″. The weight of paperboard is also different. The strength of a sheet depends on the thickness and the amount of fiber in it.

Paperboard is available in a wide range of paper types, such as kraft, coated, bleached, virgin fibre, and recycled. The material is also available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Paperboard boxes are used in many industries. For example, they are used in the food industry for fast food and product display boxes in supermarkets. These boxes are also used for retail packaging. They are often used for packaging electronics, cosmetics, and reheatable products.


Despite being called the clamshell, clamshell packaging is actually a type of boxed packaged goods. Typically, it is made of plastic or paperboard.

Clamshells are used to package a variety of foods, beverages and household items. They are usually created using thermoforming processes. However, they can be made using other processes as well.

Clamshell packaging is a good way to protect your products from poor storage conditions and airborne contaminants. It also helps prevent your goods from being mishandled during transport. Clamshells are often used in retail settings, such as hardware stores and fast food restaurants. They can also be used for storing small accessories such as toys.

Typically, clamshells are made from thermoformed plastic or paperboard. However, clamshells can also be made from Styrofoam ™. In the food packaging industry, they are primarily used to pack and protect food items. They are also used in a variety of other industries, including home repair and cleaning supplies.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is the fact that they are reusable. They can be sealed for added protection, and they can also be permanently sealed.

Rigid boxes

Compared to folding cartons, rigid boxes are sturdy, offer great protection for the product and can also promote a high perceived value. They are also a great way to save money on packaging. These boxes are available in a range of different styles, shapes and sizes. They are often used in place of folding cartons for heavy items.

Rigid boxes are usually four times thicker than a regular folding carton. They are made from sturdy paperboard or wood. They can also be made from renewable materials. They are durable and can be made to suit the product’s specific needs. They can be manufactured in bulk to handle large orders.

A rigid box is wrapped in paper or fabric and has a fine finish. It can be made of many different types of materials, including specialty paper, art paper and fabric. It can be printed or have a design. It can also be finished with a variety of coatings and press effects.

Rigid boxes are popular for luxury goods. They are used to protect high-end electronics, high-end food products and even high-end spirits. They are also used in retail stores for presenting goods. They are also popular for gifting.

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