US election process for the president and vice president

Do you know about the US election process especially for the vice president and the president? If your answer is no, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything about the US elections. If you are a citizen of the US then it is essential for you to know all these things. So, read the entire article to know about the US election. 

What is Electoral College:

If we talk about the US elections then the government selects the candidates with the help of a voting system. But this system doesn’t work for the president and the vice-presidential election. The person for these seats is selected through the electors. However, this process is also called the Electoral College and this process comes from the constitution. 

What are electors:

The first thing is that the number of electors for every state is the same as the number of congress members. Other than this, the 

At the time of the US election US election, every state has the opportunity to select the slate for the electors. The selection of the elector, and how to select the electors all these things depend on the state. 

How the Electoral College Process will work?

When you vote for the president, after this your vote will go to the statewide tally. However, the winner will get all electoral votes in Washington, D.C, and other 48 states. 

Other than this, 270 electors’ vote is required for a candidate to win, and these electors’ vote is more than half of all the electors. 

Most of the time the name of the winner will be announced on the election night, which comes in November. But remember that the original Electoral College vote will take place in the mid of December month, at that time all the electors meet in their states.  

What if no one wins the majority votes?

It might be possible that no one receives the majority votes than in this situation the vote will go to the house of the representatives. After this, the house members have the opportunity to select the president but from the top three. Besides this, if we talk about the vice president then the Senate will select the person from the remaining two candidates. 

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