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What is Blackboard DCCCD How to Login

Blackboard DCCCD is also known as Blackboard eCampus Community College District. It is the district’s primary online LMS used by students, faculty, and staff members to communicate with each other and collaborate on grades, coursework, and many more. So, will you know what Blackboard DCCCD is? How can you get benefit from it? How to use this online LMS portal at Dallas College? All this information will discuss in the blog ahead.

Blackboard dcccd

For the sake of the eCampus program, Dallas college students use Blackboard dcccd. It proves pretty helpful in many ways for them. Such as they can get all the educational services and information. It also proves beneficial for financial aid and registration. Additionally, it is the best way to stay tuned with classmates and professors at any time. 

Blackboard dcccd is one of the online learning management systems which gives you all the information and provides massive help in any related case. You can also get an essential notification through instant text in a chat room or emails. 

Blackboard material for students

Dallas college students get great help from blackboard dcccd, such as they can have a wealth of various online resources through this eCampus program. They can submit their assignments, take lectures, save them for later learning, and give quizzes and exams, and many more services. It allows the student to know their attendance percentage, average, or below the point. 

All these are accessible with a good internet connection. On the other hand, if you cannot take classes or want more helping material related to your coursework, you can access a tutoring service in return for an additional fee. 

 The package involves one-on-one meetings with highly qualified and professional instructors to meet the academic requirement. This package charges $10 for an hour. Moreover, students can give feedback on drafts submitted for a course project. 


Dallas College offers its students a variety of scholarships that help them to pay for school. It is truly a prestigious and largest scholarship you can also avail yourself of in college. To qualify for any scholarship at Dallas College, you must complete the FAFSA and apply. Some known scholarships you can help yourself with at Dallas college include Merit Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, and Employees Children Scholarship. 

If you want to know more about scholarships, make sure your visit the official website of Dallas College. You can explore numerous options to qualify for tuition fee discounts or financial aid through grants and student loans. 

Dallas county promise

If you think you are eligible for this eCampus program, make sure you meet all the given criteria:

  • Be a resident of the Dallas County
  • You have GED/HiSET in the last three years or graduated from Dallas County high school.
  • You have to enroll in any one of those seven DCCCD colleges
  • You are bound to complete at least two classes each semester
  • Must maintain your GPA of 2.0 or more in each semester
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours within two days of your graduation and must maintain a 2.5 GPA. 
  • If the student has done his graduation before, they can also get a scholarship if meeting all the requirements. 
  • If the person lives outside Dallas County, he is eligible, but the term is the person must have to go to DCCCD School.

Communication tool

The students of Dallas College utilize Blackboard DCCD as a primary communication tool. This eCampus program offers numerous features that permit the students to connect with classmates or instructors. Besides, many tools greatly help the students to have online learning services. All these resources help the student to succeed in their courses. 

It allows students to purchase textbooks, register for classes, make appointments with advisors, contact campus support staff members, and update their personal information. All these services of Dallas College make the student remain connected all time. 

How to Login into DCCCD online education

  • To login to your DCCCD online portal, you should go to the official website and tap on the Login option. 
  • Once logged in, a new page will open, and here you will get a field to enter the username and password. 
  • After putting all the credentials, click the “Login” button for further process.
  • Now fill the attendance field for all classes where you are currently enrolled for the semester. It includes the course name, class start date, and class end date. Also, put your number of hours per week. 
  • The next step is to scroll down and see the option “Add Course.” Follow the instructions you see on the screen. 
  • Now tap on the “Grades under Academics,” and you can have complete detail.

Dallas password recovery

If you have forgotten your password and can’t access your Learning and management system portal, you can recover it instantly. It just requires a few simple steps, and here is your new password for your previous and existing accounts. Follow these easy steps:

  • First, go to the Dallas Colleg website and tap on the Blackboard Login page.
  • Click on the option “Forgot your Password” and enter the username in a given section.
  • You will get an email on the linked Gmail account for further instructions.
  • Open your email, and here is your link for password recovery.
  • Tap on the link and enter the new password which you want to have.


In the end, you have complete detail of Blackboard DCCCD. It is a comprehensive source of education with eCampus, which provides numerous services. You can connect with staff and students and know your assignment with just one click. You can also recover your eCampus password in case of forgetting. 


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