What is CTA Bus Tracker and How does it Work

There is GPS, a device which is fitted in the CTA bus tracker. It is used to get the report of the exact location of the bus. Consequently, you will know where the bus is and how much time it will take to reach your destination. It is important to know, if the bus gets off the regular route, then the system will also lose its ability to predict arrival accurately. 

Moreover, if the bus returns to its track then, the system will not automatically find and inform you. In this way, you have to check your service alerts. On the other hand, if the bus stops for a few minutes because of any hurdle (like when the train crosses), then the arrival approximation switch will count down and push the notification “Delayed”. As soon as the bus started and began to move, the arrival estimates again appeared.

For scheduling information and directions to aid the people who are planning their trip, must visit the known RTA Trip Planner at Google transit. Additionally, you can also connect through a call at “312-836-7000”. The contact numbers can change according to the area code of Chicago metropolitan.

Languages to Use:

The language which is usually understood by the CTA bus tracker consists of English and Espanol. So, you can use these languages.

How to Use Bus Tracker:

CTA Bus Tracker provides an estimated time of bus arrival via text message. It is the best way to inform because many smartphones can hold it. So, the people who have mobile phones can get text messages by CTA bus tracker.
One should know how to use the bus tracker. It involves a few simple steps. These are given below:

  •         First of all find out your ID related to stop.
  •         Secondly, write a code word “ctabus” along with stop ID and send it to 41411

(Make sure, you had write the code word correctly “ctabus” then leave a space and put original stop ID number. Example: ctabus14624)

  •         Now you will receive the estimated arrival time through text message.

It is important to know that the data and message rate may apply for service, so confirm the mobile carrier before.

At bus Station:

The complete detail to text for arrival time is now displayed on all the related CTA bus stations. One can get the help and know through text messages from the bus tracker. Moreover, you just have to find the bus stop sign which is present at the bottom for the sake of instruction.

Additional Commands

Not only this, you are also able to get additional commands. Like if you want to get bulletins of service, then reply to the text message with “S”. Moreover, to get the latest update for the same station, you should reply to the text message with “R”.

On the other hand, if your station consists of multiple arriving routes, then the estimated arrival time may interfere and can’t fit in a single message. In this way, reply to the message with text “N”. It will let you know the upcoming result for the requested stop.

If you have already subscribe the service from CTA bus tracker, to get estimated arrival time and get service alerts according to the scheduled time and now want to unsubscribe, then reply or send new text with “Stop”. In order to get the exact route which you need and also want to minimize the text’s which you require to receive and send for the sake of needed information, then you should specify the route number while requesting. Example: ctabus 1123 rt3

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