What is NYT cooking and its Benefits

In case you haven’t noticed, the New York Times has been stepping up its cooking game lately. Not only have they beefed up their food section with more recipes and articles, but they’ve also created an entire website dedicated to cooking ( and it is also called NYT Cooking.

This online resource is packed with everything from step-by-step guides to features on seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting, there’s something for everyone on NYT Cooking. So, in this article, we will tell you about NYT cooking and its benefits.

Benefits of NYT cooking:

This is the first thing anyone who wants to use this website does – they head on over to the ‘trending’ section at the top of the page, which will give you a snapshot of what everyone else is clicking on as well show you some up-and-coming dishes.

The ‘top recipes’ section is another great place to start, as it will show you the most popular recipes of the day or week. You can also use filters to see what’s trending according to recipe type (appetizer/breakfast/dessert), mealtime, cuisine, and more!

The ‘everyday cooking’ section of NYT cooking is one of my personal favorites. This area has several different categories, with lots of dishes for any time of day. For example, you can choose from ‘quick-cooking,’ where you’ll find recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

‘Long weekend cooking,’ which are more complex recipes that require a little extra effort; and ‘cook once eat twice,’ which are recipes that can be adapted into two or more meals, like turning the stocks into soups, sauces, and more.

For anyone without too much time on their hands but still wants to make tasty dinners every night of the week, this is an awesome section to look at! It’s also great for me as I am not a morning person and would never be able to come up with interesting breakfasts on my own.

The ‘everyday cooking’ section is also great if you’re looking for dishes with ingredients that are easy to find. You can filter by types of cuisine and then by specific ingredients, like eggs, lemons, cilantro, and so on. This is great for me since I always want to cook with whatever ingredients are fresh at the market or grocery store.

The ‘seasonal recipes’ section of the site is dedicated to featured ingredients of the month. Right now it’s garlic, but in March it was ramping (wild leeks); last year it was ramping as well! This is a great place to look if you want some inspiration for how you can use readily available ingredients.

There’s also the ‘archives,’ which houses every recipe that has ever appeared on the website along with the date of publication, so you can go through all of your old favorites. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a ‘Tarte Tatin’s and an ‘upside-down tart,’ you can look up all of the terminologies here, because NYT Cooking has an entire section dedicated to culinary glossaries.


Is your mouth watering yet? If not, I don’t know what will make it water! NYT cooking website has so many features, and resources that it can help anyone become an expert in the kitchen. And if you need some more inspiration, they even have a ‘cooking with NYT staffers’ section where you can check out their recipes!

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