What Makes HTML5 Different from Older HTML Versions

HTML5 is the most recent version of HTML introduced in 2017. Not only Hyper Text Markup Language is the most used language in web pages and Mobile App designs. But also, provides easy to code environment for front-end developers.

Although even before the recent update, HTML provided wide liberties to the coding community for developing front-end designs. Yet, in the very recent version of HTML5 users can find tons of improvements that make it superior to HTML.

In this article, we have tried to cover some of the differences that make HTML5 win over HTML.

1. Improved Error Handling:

The Cross Browser Compatibility was one of the highlighted issues that developers faced in the older versions of HTML. However. Now, the advanced parsing algorithms offered in HTML5 allow the developers to handle all the designs and usability errors with ease. Moreover, with the latest HTML5 version, users can design lucrative web pages, and web apps have compatibility with multiple browsers.

2. Improved Features for Web Applications:

If we talk about the other advantage of using HTML5 over other HTML versions. Now, developers can design web applications with ease by using easy code algorithms.

Now HTML5 provides all the required functionalities for developing Web Apps. That left no space for additional JavaScript-based integrations.

3. Customizable Data Attribute Feature:

Although the Customizable Data Attribute feature was available in the older versions of HTML. Yet, there was not completely reliable.

Furthermore, there was always a doubt as sometimes adding customized data attributes in the HTML4 even stopped the entire web page from rendering. In the recent version of HTML5, the language data-* attribute is taking care of the job beautifully. Also, the developers can create web pages even without calling Ajax.

4. Web Storage:

In the older versions of HTML, the developers used to store the data in cookies. Cookies not only holds just 4KB of data but also, there are other risks such as slowing down the website, cookie crashing, compatibility with only string variable, etc.

Whether, in the HTML5 version, the language is offering the developers to use data as huge as 5MB in the device’s local storage.

By allowing the same, the users can access the websites in quicker ways and even reduces the burden on servers.

5.  Security:

Although in the previous versions of HTML, security was a point to consider, yet, HTML5 does quite well from the safety and security perspective.

Moreover, we can not say that the Web Pages and applications developed using HTML5 are completely safe. Still, the developers can achieve the most out of HTML5 in web security. Thus, web developers can rely on the latest HTML5 version by adding validations on the websites. Instance, choosing a secure web hosting provider, Using SSL and HTTP, and regular website scanning can save the website a lot from security threads.

Should you go with HTML5?

Well, it should not be a typical thing to choose if you are already familiar with HTML. The HTML web developers will find a lot of similarities not only in the coding structure but also in other features.

Furthermore, on top of that, HTML5 is completely free to use for the programming community. Even, not only the language is free but also designs cross-platform websites with ease. If you are planning to switch to HTML5 over HTML, your design will save you both money and time.

Along with the other benefits, HTML5 has built features to allow the developers to use audio and video support. For the same reason, you will not have to install any sort of extensions separately.

Also, if we talk about cookie dependency, HTML5 makes the website less reliable on the cookies. Also, for a better user experience, the language provides the users with temporary data storage in the SQL database.

So, if the question is that should you shift to HTML5 over older versions of HTML, the answer is an absolute yes.


Not only HTML is the most used language in web development but also the latest version allows developers to create web apps. However, in the following versions, both the end users and developers can feel the buzz in various aspects such as API responses, controls, and many more.

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