Who is Deborah King Everything you need to know:

Do you know who Deborah king? If you don’t know and want to know then you are in the right place. In this article you will know the complete details of Deborah king. Education, career, early life and many other things. 

However, Deborah king is the attorney, an educator, the energy medicine leading authority. She is also the bestselling author of the New York Times. She shows how to make better emotionally, physically, and spiritually with the help of her books, speaking, and media appearance. 

What is birthday, education and legal career:

Deborah King is an American speaker, author and attorney. She was born on 9 February, 1948, she is the author of the four books and also the CEO of the Deborah King Center. If we talk about her education then she graduated from the University of San Francisco. She studied BA in 1970 and also studied at Davis with the Juris Doctor from University of California in 1973. 

She started her career in 1973 and worked as the prosecutor in the California Attorney General office. However, after this she opened the law firm in 1975 in South Lake Tahoe, specialising in sales and the hotel acquisitions. However, the firm changed the head office to Westlake Village, CA in the 1990s. 

The personal development of the Deborah King and her speaking career:

Deborah King opened the Deborah center in the Westlake Village in 2000. After that in 2019 she moved her Deborah king center to Ojai, California. However, her Deborah king center focuses on personal development. For this they offer everyone weekly classes for personal growth. They also offer the workshops at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa at the different locations. 

Most of the Debora King appears as a guest on the national TV. He also appeared on the Fox, NBC, ABC, CNN and also on the different entertainment shows like the E! Entertainment, Showbiz Tonight, and Access Hollywood. Other than this she also has a radio show on Hay House Radio. 

However, the courses of Deborah King are published all the time by Mindvalley. Basically Mindvalley is an education technology company who always focuses on different products especially for personal growth.

Writing career of the Deborah King:

As we already mentioned, Deborah King is also an author. She published four books in the fields of self-help and personal growth. Her books include: ” Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You.” This book was published on the 15, February 2010. This book was considered the best seller in the United States. 

Deborah King’s next book is ” Be Your Own Shaman.” She published this book on 1 April, 2011. This book was considered the New York Times bestseller. The next book was published in 2017. On 10th October her new book ” Heal Yourself ” was published. Other than this she is also the best contributor to the Psychology Today and huffington Post, and also writes the column for the Hay House.

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