Why is Sunbed Tanning Better Than Sunbathing

No need to spend hours under the sun to get a tan. One of the city’s most prestigious tanning salons is here to make you a golden goddess. Whether you wish for a slight color on your skin or a deep tan, salon technicians are experts in rendering the perfect color. 

Why is sunbathing not always good

There is no denying the fact that basking under the sun can ward off the blues and make you lighter in the mood. This happens because sunlight activates the release of serotonin in the body. Sunlight also helps your skin synthesize Vitamin D. 

Yet, excessive sunbathing can expose you to the risk of skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, rashes, blisters, and other skin issues, not to mention the weird orange look that you get. 

And it’s easy to go over the board while sunbathing. You hardly can measure the amount of sunlight that falls upon you. 

So why take the risk? 

Sunbed Tanning 

Go sunbed. Get a beautiful bronze or a light sun-kissed look without going out in the sun, rather than going inside a tanning bed!

It uses the same UV rays of the sun but in a controlled manner. The risk of exposing yourselves to excessive rays is minimal in a tanning bed. The experts keep a check on the number of minutes you must tan. 

Tanning salon in Boca Raton is particular about their customers’ skin. They take utmost care to see that you tan perfectly, no less and no more. Skin experts present in the salon first examine your skin type and then decide the number of minutes you must tan. 

So you see, tanning isn’t just about getting inside the bed and letting the rays fall over you. It’s a more dermatological thing that needs the supervision of skin specialists. 

That’s why you must not hop inside just any salon that claims to give you a tan. Choose with care. You can’t be careless about your skin, can you? 

What’s a Super Bed

Super Beds are a specialty of one of the most prestigious salons in Boca Raton. These advanced, high-safety beds give you a quick tan that lasts longer. The beds are fitted with superior quality tanning lamps. The beds are clean, hygienic, and well-maintained. 

Search for the “best tanning salon near me” to find a salon that has the above features. 

Benefits of tanning in sunbeds

As mentioned earlier, tanning beds use the same UV rays of the sun. So, naturally, they provide the same benefits as that provided by the sun, but in a bed, the rays fall upon you in a regulated manner. This means the risks associated with exposing yourselves to the sun are lesser here. 

Here are a few benefits of tanning in a bed:

  • You get an even tan.
  • The light enhances your mood and confidence. 
  • The light reduces the visibility of stretch marks and scars on the skin. 
  • It promotes hormonal balance. 
  • It regulates skin oil production. 
  • It helps the skin synthesize Vitamin D. 

You can also find a sunbed tanning salon in Coral Springs. 

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