Why TikTok outlived all the other social media services that didn’t exist for too long and why you should be promoting your page there right now

TikTok as a platform gives endless opportunities today and there are barely any content creators who haven’t yet created their pages here. TikTok gives huge chances of finding a big audience and making it stay with you not only on TikTok, but on other social media pages as well, as there is a chance to bind your resources to one another using buttons that are built into TikTok interface. However, not everybody understands why TikTok has outlived many other platforms that didn’t have a chance to exist for too long. What are its benefits and why do people choose to register here daily and spend their time there daily as well?

The answer lies in the way of modern thinking. Today people prefer to gain as much information as possible in the shortest time period possible, and that is why a phenomenon called “clip thinking” has appeared. It means that a person assimilates information most fully and quickly in the first 5-8 seconds. The younger generation and those people who have accustomed themselves to consume new information mainly in short clips or medium-length videos are endowed with such thinking. Everything is logical: why read a book if you can get a lot more information from TikTok in a few seconds of video?

In the video from TikTok, everything plays a role: picture, music, text, context – people put these parameters into a single picture and get the opportunity to pack their content very tightly and put several meanings into it at the same time. If there is no such goal, then this is just a good way to show yourself, a product or service that needs to be demonstrated to a wide audience. Yes, people come to TikTok not only for entertainment, but also for sales and business, and, again, it is quite understandable why.

TikTok also revolutionized video editing – previously it was available to a very small number of people, heavy programs and complex technologies were required. And now even a child can handle the task of video editing – the algorithms have optimized everything to the extent that you just need to press a sequence of buttons and everything will be ready. For this reason, it is simply stupid not to use TikTok as a platform for advertising or distributing information about yourself and your business. Whoever you are, you will cope with creating content, distributing it, and communicating with people. In TikTok, by the way, it often happens through video clips that people shoot in response to comments received. This is also another way to shoot more content, and interact with viewers efficiently and quickly.

But the beginning of the journey is always difficult: if you don’t have friends or acquaintances who can support you, then it would be quite logical to buy TikTok followers. The fact is that people often watch videos of newcomers and even like them, but they rarely subscribe – and this metric is as important for an account as views or hearts. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity to use a paid profile promotion service. In addition, if you find a company that gives customers a chance to buy real TikTok followers, you can also get views and even likes as a bonus if people are interested in your content.

Make sure that you are buying real subscribers – otherwise you risk wasting money and damaging your profile. People easily understand when bots are in front of them, and it will be very easy to see them in the list of your subscribers. But if only real people appear there, your reputation will be strengthened, and the content will be regarded as useful and interesting. Thus, the paid service will help you to close your need for subscribers at the beginning of the journey (or if there are any difficulties with the promotion of the profile in the process) and at the same time help to strengthen your reputation in the eyes of other bloggers and the newly arriving audience.

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