With a background in Pharmacy, this Reality TV Star Wants To Change the World for the Better

You might assume that most celebrities don’t give much thought to what happens outside of the exclusive Hollywood bubble they live in. In fact, many people think that the majority of the world’s issues don’t often affect these stars. However, there are many celebrities that are all for activism and know the impact they can make by raising their voice regarding serious issues. While it’s true that celebrities spend most of their time behind cameras, attending glitzy parties and red-carpet events, or flying out to exotic getaways, some of them still make time to give back to society and change the world for the better. One such exemplary individual is Roxanne Hamedi, the reality TV star who is making headlines for her ongoing efforts to make the world a better place for everyone.

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, to Iranian parents, Roxanne, more popularly known as Roxy, is a certified pharmacist with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. This bright, talented, and gorgeous young woman got her very first Hollywood break in 2021 when she was selected by MTV Studios to appear in their reality TV show Geordie Shore’s second season. As a ‘single normal person’, Roxy managed to stay in the house from the beginning to the end, winning the hearts of both viewers and contestants with her charisma and ending the show with James Tindale, a Geordie Shore original, asking her out. Ever since the show ended, Roxy has been under fire for dating an already-committed James, a fact that she claims she was unaware of. Upon learning the truth about her co-star’s relationship status, Roxanne Hamedi broke up with him and embarked on a mission to bring a positive change in this world. 

Apart from drama, gossip, and being a reality TV star, there’s more to Roxanne Hamedi than meets the eye. This kind, compassionate and selfless pharmacist is also a mental health advocate who helps people through her medical advice and provides medications to patients to help them relieve their suffering. Roxy takes great pride in her pharmacy work and feels immensely rewarded when people come up to her and tell her how her advice helped them get better. In fact, Roxanne is very vocal about adopting a healthy lifestyle. She understands the struggles that youngsters face nowadays, especially related to weight and body image, given that she suffered from an eating disorder when she was just nine, which landed her in the hospital due to extreme weight loss. Often using her social media accounts to raise awareness against eating disorders and body dysmorphia, Roxy has never shied away from embracing her flaws. She can often be seen telling the tale of her plastic-surgery-gone-wrong experience when her breast implants caused capsular contracture that had to be corrected with surgery during Christmas. 

From a young age, Roxy also suffered from Trichotillomania, a mental disorder where the patient is unable to resist the temptation of pulling out their hair whenever anxious. For Roxy, it happened to be her eyebrow hair that she would pluck out whenever she was going through a rough patch in life. This is why during lockdown times before joining the show, Roxanne Hamedi started working on her own cosmetic brand A Selfish Soul, which is focused on brows for now. With her brand, Roxy aspires to empower women to take control of their own lives and break free of the chains that hold them back. “I felt like my whole life was devoted to my job, and especially with relationships, I was always the giver. I felt like I needed to take back control for myself and do something my future self would be proud of. The name just means to be focused on you because you deserve it,” Roxy said when talking about her passion behind her cosmetic brand. 

The reason why Roxanne Hamedi so desperately wants to make a difference in this world is that she wants people to remember her in good words. “I would like the world to know me as a smart, classy, caring pharmacist who also is a TV star and an entrepreneur who wants to make a global cosmetics brand and make people feel beautiful about themselves,” she expressed. 

We don’t really know about the rest of you, but Roxy is already an inspiration for us. A highly educated pharmacist, a reality TV star, a mental health advocate and a beauty queen! Is there anything Roxy hasn’t achieved yet?

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