Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction Poses Benefits Risk

When a man’s penis doesn’t grow erect enough for sexual intercourse with his partner, he suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, or Impotence. Unsatisfied physical time might result as a result of a person’s inability to maintain or get an erection because of this. 

Yoga has been suggested as an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. When it comes to treating Erectile Dysfunction, people are increasingly turning to yoga. People with high blood pressure, a frail heart, migraines, or who are pregnant should avoid this asana. Fildena 100, Are the commonly used erectile dysfunction medicines that are available over the counter.

Having a problem with sex like Medicine Tadalafil Vidalista 20 Best Treat  Erectile Dysfunction mean that you can’t have a good time with your partner.  Improved levels of testosterone, the hormone necessary for a fulfilling sex life, may be achieved via different Yoga approaches. 

Paschimottanasana is the most effective asana for treating erectile dysfunction. 


“Seated forward bend” is an alternative for this pose. 

The peroneal muscles of Health are strengthened, which helps with endurance. This yoga asana is the most efficient for overcoming erectile dysfunction because it targets the muscles responsible for sustaining erectile stiffness. 

How should you begin: 

  1. Sit up straight and bring your legs together in front of you. Get your limbs moving. 
  2. Set your feet up with your toes pointed upwards. 
  3. Inhale in a deep breath then lift both arms upwards as you exhale. 
  4. While maintaining a straight spine, bend your body towards your toes as you exhale and relax. 
  5. Both the index and thumb of your hands should be on the big toe of your shoes. 
  6. Your body should be bent in an attempt to connect the tip of the fingers to your head after holding them. 
  7. Stay like that for 10 seconds
  8. Regain your original sitting posture gently. 
  9. Holding the position for 3-5 minutes is the maximum period allowed. 
  10. A maximum of 2 minutes is required to maintain the position. 

Yoga is best done in the morning. Stress, sadness, and the stimulation of the reproductive organs are all benefits of acupuncture. 

Kumbhakasana is a great second asana for treating erectile dysfunction. 


The Plank stance, or Kumbhakasana Asana, is another frequent name for this pose. Enhance your stamina and improve your mood with this yoga pose. If a person frequently works out, they will see a noticeable change in their stamina and upper-body strength while engaging in physical activity. 

How to Go About It: 

  1. Lie on your stomach with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. 
  2. Keep your hands on the side of each of your faces while you rest. 
  3. Make sure your toes are pushed off the ground by bending your feet in such a manner. 
  4. As you push your hands with your body, rise your buttocks in the air, as well. 
  5. Maintain a straight line of motion with your thighs and toes. 
  6. Get into the posture as much as possible before gently returning to your normal position. 
  7. No more than 60 seconds should be spent in this position. 
  8. Holding the position for 20 to 30 seconds is the minimum time requirement. 

Best time to do this is a day or night.

Uttanapadasana is the third recommended asana for treating ED. 


Raised leg posture is another name for this specific asana in the yoga world. Practicing Uttanpadasana, which targets the quadriceps and glutes, has been shown to help missionaries remain in their postures longer. Erectile Dysfunction may be eliminated by strengthening and enhancing the blood flow to the pelvic area using this asana, which also stretches the muscles on each side of the spinal column in the lumbar region of the male body. 

How should you begin: 

  1. Get ready in supine position
  2. Station your hands on the side of your body
  3. Rest your feet on the ground
  4. Inhale and take your legs to an angle of 30°
  5. Now, as you’ve completed the previous stages, carefully raise your head. 
  6. Hold the posture for a few seconds
  7. Now take your legs back to their original position
  8. Inhale and tilt your legs upwards to a 60-degree angle. 
  9. Maintain your stance for a period of time. 
  10. Set yourself up in the typical posture by lowering your legs. 
  11. 15 to 20 seconds is the maximum amount of time to keep the position. 
  12. 30 to 40 seconds is the minimum amount of time to keep the position. 

Mornings and dawns are the ideal times to practise yoga. Exercise benefits your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as your posture. Who should stay away from this asana: A person who has had muscular or internal organ damage in the past. 

Naukasana — a yoga asana for treating erectile dysfunction 


Posing on a boat for the purpose of increasing libido is called Naukasna, which is also known as Boat Pose ( testosterone for males and oestrogen for females). This asana might help you preserve your sexual vitality if you feel that your body lacks the ability to engage in intercourse. Naukasana strengthens the muscles in the buttocks, hips, and thighs. Thus, it helps to boost the amount of time you stay in bed. 

How to Go About It: 

  1. Take a rest on the ground. 
  2. adduct your arms close to your body. 
  3. breathe in and exhale 
  4. In the air, raise your chest to the sky. 
  5. At the same moment, raise your whole body off the ground. 
  6. During the whole exercise, your hands must remain straight. 
  7. Hold this posture for five minutes or longer. 
  8. Slowly exhale as you return to your starting posture. 
  9. Holding the position for 20 to 25 minutes is the maximum period allowed. 
  10. Holding the stance for 5-10 seconds is the bare minimum. 

Yoga is best done in the morning. Strengthening the abdominal muscles and improving blood flow are two of the benefits. If you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, migraines, sleeplessness, or heart problems, don’t do this Asana. 

Dhanurasana is the number five ED yoga asana. 


Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and improved sexual time may all be treated with this asana. 

How to Go About It: 

  1. Keep your feet hip-width apart while you lie on the floor, with your knees bent and your hips flexed. 
  2. Keep your hands close to your sides at all times. 
  3. As you exhale, fold your knees into angelic positions. 
  4. Lift your chest off the ground with a deep breath and exhale as you do so. 
  5. Pull your legs with your hands on the rear and keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead. 
  6. Aim to stay in this posture for between 20 and 25 seconds. 
  7. Your feet should now be in a natural posture after this. 
  8. Only 2 minutes may be spent in this position. 
  9. Keeping the pose for 20 to 30 seconds is the bare minimum. 

The best time to practise yoga is in the morning: Morning. Enhances posture and back muscles, as well as the deep hip flexors. You can use them if all of the home remedies fail to work. But do not use them for long term.

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