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10 Most Preferred Engineering Jobs In The World

When deciding on a career path, career insights assist you in determining which jobs in your chosen field are the best to pursue. There are several job options within the engineering field that offer career stability, based on job growth projections and average salaries that are higher than the national average salary. There are online civil engineering courses with certificates available.

1. Technician in civil engineering

Primary responsibilities: Civil engineering technicians work alongside civil engineers to plan, design, and construct infrastructure projects for commercial, industrial, residential, and land development projects. There are STAAD.Pro software course online to enhance your skills.

2. Technician in aeronautical engineering

Primary responsibilities: Aerospace engineering technicians work alongside aeronautical engineers to operate and maintain the equipment used to develop, test, manufacture, and sustain new aircraft and spacecraft. 

3. Cartografist

Primary responsibilities: Cartographers collect, measure, interpret, manipulate, store, and retrieve geographic data from field surveys, reports, remote sensing systems, satellite images, and aerial photographs.

4. Biomedical engineer

Primary responsibilities: Biomedical engineers use engineering principles in conjunction with biological and medical science principles to design and develop devices, equipment, computer systems, and software for the healthcare industry. 

5. Industrial designer

Primary responsibilities: Industrial engineers evaluate product and service manufacturing processes and look for ways to improve them by eliminating waste and creating efficient systems that integrate workers, materials, machines, information, and energy. 

6. Marine engineer

Primary responsibilities: Marine engineers design, build, inspect, and maintain the internal systems that power watercrafts such as sailboats, ships, submarines, tankers, and aircraft carriers.

7. Engineer for the Environment

Environmental engineers’ primary responsibilities include researching and developing methods to improve and protect the environment. They combine engineering principles with soil science, biology, and chemistry principles to create solutions to environmental issues such as pollution, oil spills, wastewater management, environmental remediation, ozone depletion, and more. They are also in charge of obtaining permits for their designs, supervising construction, and monitoring and inspecting facility operations to ensure they are in accordance with any applicable regulations.

8. Agricultural engineer

Primary responsibilities: Agricultural engineers design, develop, test, and supervise a wide range of farming and agricultural systems, machinery, equipment, and structures. Their duties may include designing agricultural machinery components and equipment and testing them to ensure proper operation, designing and supervising food-processing plants and manufacturing operations, planning and directing the construction of rural electric-power distribution systems, and designing structures to store and process crops or house animals.

9. Civil engineer

Civil engineers’ primary responsibilities include designing, developing, building, and supervising infrastructure projects and systems. Pursue any one of the online civil engineering courses with certificates to become a civil engineer. They usually work for the government, designing and developing city and town infrastructures such as buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, and dams. 

10. Security engineer

Primary responsibilities: Safety engineers apply engineering principles to current health and safety policies, regulations, and industrial processes to develop procedures and design systems that protect people from illness or injury, as well as property, from damage caused by chemicals, machinery, software, and other products.

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