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How to choose K Cup Filling Machine

What is K cup filling machine?

A K cup filling machines is a small machine that fills and seals cups. They are a good choice for start-up coffee shops and cafes. The most common types are based on the type of capsules and the speed at which they can be produced. Some have multiple functions, while others have a fixed production rate. In general, a K cup filling machine produces 35-50 circles per minute.

K cup filling machines are divided into two categories based on their size. There are rotary machines,linear machines, and combination models. A rotary machine works in circular motion and requires less space than a linear machine. The difference between the two is the number of cups it can fill. The rotary type can fill 40-100 cups per minute. The linear model is faster speed and requires more space.

You can use K cup filling machines or sealing machines to pack ground coffee into specially designed k cups and seal them with aluminum foils.It has functions of nitrogen flushing, sealing, and filling. Good equipment has excellent characteristics such as high stability, accurate filling, beautiful sealing and strong shelf life
How does the K Cup Filling Machine work?

One of the most important things to know about a K cup filling machine is how it works. The most basic machines work by using a auger, which covers the cup and releases the powder into it.The machine contains sensors that detect the position of the K cup and automatically fills the cup. The process is completely automatic and has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 grams. The most sophisticated machines have a hopper that holds up to 30 liters of materials.

The best way to find the right K cup filling machine is to check the type of machine you’re looking for. Some machines are manual and will not work with your current situation. You should check whether the machine will integrate well with your existing demands. Others will fit into your shop and will require a few simple adjustments. It’s important to understand how these machines work before purchasing one.

Safe industrial design

AFPAK is committed to making its products as easy and safe as possible for their users. They have therefore designed their products so that there is little to no risk to their product (machine user) while they are being manufactured.
Nearby switches are therefore installed at machine access doors.The machine stops automatically as soon as the door is open. A buzzer sounds and flashes strobe lights flash.
An emergency RED button on the door can be pressed to stop the running machine in case of an emergency.After troubleshooting the issue, it can be reset again by turning the button to the right.

Advanced production functions

Parts of k-cup filling or sealing machines usually include a vertical capsule dropper and a cup sensor. The machine will not fill the slot if there is no cup in the cup holder.
Other parts include a ground-coffee filler by a servo-controlled anger, edge cleaning to dust off excess product at the corners of cups, nitrogen filling tube, pre-lid system or roll-film type system for the K cup filling machine, a lid sensors followed by lid sealing, and finally, capsule output followed with capsule sealing.

  • The filling function
    The filling function will help you adjust the key ground coffee filling values/ranges for the machine.
    Pressing the button shows programmed functions like filling servo, topping device, stirring time, cup testing to topping, weight added (of the capsule, can be adjusted), filling servo, feeding subdivision (for material. coffee, can be adjusted keeping in view the weight of capsule), servo speed, acceleration, deceleration and filling time after less material.Any function can be turned on/off, and some can be adjusted according to requirements. Capsules edges are cleaned off by suction of powder.
  • Vibrate powder function
    Vibrate powder function can also be run manually or automatically. In auto mode, all functions will work, including tamping cylinder and vacuum sucking, and it also shows the amount of powder to be sucked.

The popularity of K cup filling machine

More than 80% of American families now own a single-cup brewing system. K Cup holds more than 90% of this market. K Cup is the most widely used single-serve coffee packaging option in North America.
It is simple to use, and it has been adored by all coffee lovers. It is now a key product SKU for many coffee companies. Our machines can make many products, including coffee, tea, chocolate and soluble powders. You can also put CBD powder/liquid in the cups.
Since 2010, AFPAK upgrades k cup filling and sealing machine (K cup filling machine) every year to ensure that their quality continues to improve and operations become more and more convenient.
Because of its low cost and ease of operation, AFPAK has helped over 30 different sizes companies to make the K cup filling sealing machines and packaging lines in the past 10 years, which are all well-running in their factories. Most of them are located in America, Canada, Mexico, etc. countries.


AFPAK’s K cup filling machines and sealing machines are compact and linear. However, they have a higher production rate and greater accuracy than American or European k-cup filling machines and sealing machines.They can also be placed wherever you like and offer an easy and simple operation that aids the user.
The machine also produces more k cups per minute, while still fitting custom-sized k-cups.It would be a wise decision to consider AFPAK’s k cup filling and sealing machines as a solution for your business.
Who is the best K cup Filling Machine brand
Coffee Capsule Filling Machines | 12 Years China Manufacturer (
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AFPak specializes in developing the very best and various packing solutions that will satisfy you and your customers. State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every product we offer. But the wealth of experience and exceptional customer service are what really set us apart from competitors.
Professional engineers are our most powerful support, but they are not limited to yesterday`s technology. We are following the latest technology and applying to every product we made. So our goods are high appreciated by our clients for their Good performance, Durability and users’ friendly.

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