10 Romantic Netflix Seasons Must Watch

Are you looking for a cure for your lonely nights or want to make the time spent with your partner memorable? Netflix has got the perfect solution for you! Watch the best romantic seasons on Netflix to keep your fantasies alive! We have selected the best romantic Netflix seasons for you so that you do not have to go through the hassle of choosing the perfect season for yourself.

Bridgerton (2020- present date) – Most Watched Romantic Netflix Seasons

Romance, drama, and high society life, Bridgerton is genuinely a masterpiece. The steamy romance between the Duke of Hastings, played by Rege Jean Page and Daphne Bridgerton played by Phoebe Dynevor, is enough to ignite a fire within your soul. The show is set during the regency era in England. The first season revolves around Daphne Bridgerton searching for true love before the matching season ends. Daphne’s quest for true love is followed by Lady Whistledown, the town’s anonymous gossip writer. The electric chemistry of the duke and daphne and their scandalous romance is a must-watch!

Outlander (2014-Present) – Best Romantic Netflix Seasons

Outlander is another classic romantic series on Netflix. It is not only a romance series but also involves action, drama, sci-fi, and time travel. This marvellous story is adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s popular series of fantasy romance novels. The story is set around World War II, when Claire, the show’s main lead, accidentally time travels to 18th century Scotland. During her journey of survival, she stumbles upon Jamie Fraser, a hot scot. They fall in love while trying to send Claire back to her world. Their love story is everything you need to see! All the drama in between makes the show even more intense. According to Open Sky News, Outlander has not stopped for 6 seasons, so we can expect Outlander Season 7 in 2023.

Crash Landing on you (2019-2020) – South Korean Romantic Netflix Seasons

If you have not seen this K-drama, then you are missing out. Crash landing on you is one of the most binge-watched romantic Netflix seasons. The show’s story revolves around a South Korean Heiress Yoon Se-ri who accidentally paraglides into North Korea. She crashes on a North Korean soldier, Lee Jeonghyeok. He decides to secretly help her return to her homeland by letting her take refuge in his village. While Lee tries to figure out a way for Yoon Se-ri to return, people in his town become suspicious. Eventually, they both fall in love and become inseparable, but the drama that follows them makes it impossible for them to stay together.

Jane The Virgin (2014-2019)

If you are looking for a refreshing rom-com, this series is a perfect choice. This CW romance show is written in the style of a telenovela. Multiple twists and dramas make the show intense and steamy. Season 1 of the show starts with the accidental insemination of Jane, leading to her becoming pregnant with an arrogant but hot and rich Rafael’s child. It is a rollercoaster ride for both of them from there onwards. The show’s season 1 is a hit romantic Netflix season and definitely worth watching.

Emily in Paris

As the name suggests, this show is about a girl named Emily Cooper who has recently been transferred to Paris to work as a Marketing Executive from Chicago. Initially, Emily finds it difficult to adjust to her firm’s unwelcoming environment. However, she slowly paves her way while making lots of new connections. She falls for the hot Chef, who turns out to be her neighbor. However, this is where all the twists begin. It turns out the Chef is dating one of her new girl friends, and the electricity between Emily and the Chef makes it difficult for her to keep her emotions in check. The show’s second season is dramatic but hits the romantic Netflix season.

Love (2016-2018)

This show depicts how two people from different walks of life learn to love each other unconditionally. Love perfectly portrays relationships’ fun, awkward, romantic, and realistic aspects. Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust play the main lead of the show. This show w guarantees to make you laugh, cry and be happy simultaneously. Its last season is one commendable romantic Netflix season.

Sex Education (2019-Present)

It is a stellar series that draws focus to many teenage issues. The show primarily focuses on Otis, the main lead, and his love interest Maeve Wiley. They both secretly run a sex clinic to earn some cash and solve the issues of their fellow schoolmates. It is an all-exclusive show and wonderfully portrays all genders. It is light, funny, and mature. The series season 2 improved on season one, adding depth and newfound friendships to several characters.

Elite (2018- Present)

A mixture of teenage romance and tragedy is what Elite is about. This Spanish romance Netflix season is a part murder mystery, partly high school drama, and partly adolescent love. Every single detail about this show is well written. Elite is bold, daring, provocative, and heart-touching in many ways. It is one of the best romantic Netflix seasons, according to the editors of Hurricane Valley Times

Virgin River (2019- Present)

It is an American romantic drama that tells the story of Mel, who is looking for a fresh start. Mel moves from Los Angeles to a remote town in northern California. There she meets Jack Sheridan, an ex-marine who owns a local bar. While sparks ignite between the two, they both have their past traumas to heal from first. It is a realistic romance series, especially in its first season. According to Chronicles News, Virgin River is upcoming for season 4 on July 20th, 2022.

The Hook-Up Plan

This show’s story is about Elsa struggling to move on from her ex. To help her, Elsa’s friend hired a male escort. They do so to help Elsa regain her confidence. The plan works out well as Elsa already knows the escort as schoolteacher Julies. The hook-up plan is not your average romantic Netflix season and is worth watching.

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