Google Pixelbook 12in complete review all you need to know

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a high-end laptop that was released in October 2017. Priced at $999, it offers many features that are unavailable on other laptops. This article will provide a complete review of the Pixelbook, including its design, performance, and battery life. It will also offer insights on whether or not this device is worth the high price tag.

Physical appearance

The Pixelbook 12in is a sleek and stylish laptop that comes in three different colors: silver, black, and white. It has a unibody aluminum design with rounded corners and a glass trackpad. The keyboard is backlit and has chicklet-style keys. Besides this, the laptop is extremely thin, measuring only 0.4 inches at its thickest point.


The display is a 12.3-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 2400×1600. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and has an anti-reflective coating. The bezels around the display are relatively thin, especially compared to other laptops in this price range. Besides this, the display is bright and clear, with excellent viewing angles.

Size and weight

The Pixelbook 12in measures 11.4×8.7×0.4 inches and weighs 2.45 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest and thinnest laptops on the market. Besides this, it is also small enough to fit into most laptop bags and backpacks. You will appreciate the backlit keyboard if you have to work outside or in dimly lit areas. Because of its lightweight, you can easily use it for long periods without feeling any fatigue.


The Pixelbook 12in is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. It also has a 128GB solid-state drive. In terms of performance, the Pixelbook 12in is extremely fast and responsive. Apps open quickly, and there is no lag when switching between them. The laptop also easily handles more demanding tasks, such as video editing and gaming.

Battery life

The Pixelbook 12in has a 47Wh battery that offers up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. In our testing, the laptop could last for more than 9 hours when browsing the web and watching videos. This is impressive considering the high-resolution display and powerful processor. We all know that for any person, the battery part is essential, and I think the timing of this laptop is great.

Amazing features

One of the best things about the Pixelbook 12in is that it comes with a built-in Google Assistant. This digital assistant can perform various tasks, such as setting alarms, adding events to your calendar, and sending emails. You can activate it by saying “OK Google” or pressing the keyboard’s dedicated button. Besides this, the Pixelbook 12in also has a built-in fingerprint sensor that allows you to quickly and easily unlock your device.

Pros and cons

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a well-rounded laptop with great performance, a beautiful display, and a long battery life. However, its high price tag is its biggest downside. If you are searching for a powerful laptop, then the Pixelbook 12in is the best option for you. But if you don’t have enough budget to buy this, you can try other options.

Is the Google Pixelbook 12in worth the price

The Google Pixelbook comes with a price tag to match. Its sleek and stylish design, fast processor, long battery life, and many other features make it a great choice for power users. However, the high price tag may be a turnoff for some people. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line laptop, the Pixelbook 12in is worth considering. 


The Google Pixelbook 12in is a well-designed and powerful laptop with great performance and long battery life. If you are looking for a high-end laptop, the Pixelbook 12in is a great option. However, if you are on a budget, other laptops offer similar performance for less.

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