10 Simple Editing Tricks to Promote Your Business

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Promoting your business online has been made a lot easier thanks to a growing selection of free video makers and solutions that you can find online. If you click through here, you can learn more about how these editors can make your life easier. You don’t have to lose an arm and a leg just to get ahead of the competition. If you want to advertise your business better, then here are 10 simple tricks to keep in mind.

  • Flashy Transitions

One way to truly catch the attention of your audience with a good ad is by using flashy transitions. Using an online video maker, you can use a selection of pre-made transitions that will allow you to stylistically shift from clip to clip. The flashier it is, the more eye-catching it’s going to be for your audience as well.

Of course, you still need to mind what the overall tone of your video is when it comes to using transitions. The transitions should still  look and feel natural when the final output arrives. 

  • Before And After Shots

This isn’t applicable in all types of businesses. It’s mostly for those that are in the field of health and wellness such as dentists and skin care experts. Using a free video maker online, you can put before and after shots of your clients for a video. This will allow future clients to see the changes you’ve given your old clients.

Again, this isn’t doable in all scenarios. It can also be done for house renovation services, car restorations services, and many others.

  • Filters

Believe it or not, small changes in colours, contrast, and other aspects of a video are more than enough to change the mood of the clip. The good news is that there are loads of pre-made filters and other frames that you can find on a few video makers online. You can use these filters to drastically change the feel of your output too.

Moreover, using these filters is as easy as making a few clicks and then applying the filters on the video itself. It’s a quick way to make a drastic change to a clip. With all of the filters available, you can achieve whatever mood you want easily using a free video maker online.

  • Social Media-Friendly Post

There’s a good chance that your content is going to be viewed by people through their smartphone or tablet. As such, your posts should cater to that market as well. One way you can do that is by using a free video maker online to make sure that your posts are social media friendly.

By that, we mean that the post should fit well on your smartphone. Online tools will allow you to easily resize and reframe the videos you have to make it more social media-friendly. All it takes is one post to go viral and you’ll have bigger engagements for your business in no time.

  • Slow Motion 

Slow motion transitions allow you to put more emphasis on the elements that are happening in your video. Online video editors come with slow motion effects so you can apply it easily. It used to be a very tough thing to do and only the experienced video editors are actually capable of it. Slow motion can be used for highlighting ingredients in food, but it can also be used for various other processes as well.

  • Special Logos

Using a free video maker online, you can add more personality and branding to your videos through logos. When making a commercial for your business, make sure to add your logo so that people quickly understand who the video is from. Be very creative and unique about this as a good logo can make or break your business easily. When adding the logos, it’s important that you add them as seamlessly as possible. Don’t shove it in the face of your audience as they might not take too kindly to that.

  • Banner Texts

If you are promoting special sales or promos for your business, you can use banner texts to help display those to your audience easily. It’s very easy to add this kind of video element to your clip. Most video editing tools already have these types of text flash through your video ad to make them more informative.

One thing to keep in mind while using these is that you should focus on making sure that the font and the style of the banner ad perfectly fits the type of video that you are making for your audience.

  • Picture-in-Picture

Though it’s not always applicable and it makes your videos heavier in terms of file size, picture-in-picture style edits are a good way to make your videos look fancy and more complex. Again, this type of edit is very easy to do if you’re going to use a free video maker online as well. It’s very easy to do and it can result in amazing videos as well.

  • Freeze Frame

Like slow motion edits, freeze framing allows you to put more emphasis on certain clips or parts of your videos. It’s an essential style of editing that will allow you to stylistically give more emphasis on your videos. It’s a good way to highlight new products and services that your business is beginning to offer.

  • Use Templates

Last but not the least, this might seem like a cheap way to get through creating a video but if the resources are there, then use it. You can use templates to easily make videos for your business.

Almost all video editors online have templates that will allow you to create amazing videos so don’t be afraid to put them to good use.

There are lots of things you can do with a free video maker online. The truth is that the only limit is your imagination, as cliche as that sounds. You don’t need to go through extensive means just to get a good special logo for your business as there are more than enough tools for your online.


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