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Victoria Mack Shares 3 tips that she used to overcame her trauma from Blake Toves & Josh Kim

Victoria shares that she went to 7a Accelerator & Project Blue CEO Joshua Kim to ask for advice on how to get lower taxes with these 2 young entrepreneurs for her Husband to help him. They were phenomenal at this strategy alongside helping her raise capital. They even said that they get paid upon completion to remove the risk for her partner  Ken Mack. She claims that the 2 gentlemen were drinking at the Hotel and started getting touchy with each other beyond what any friends do and then she was blackmailed to keep quiet into experiencing the night with them.

Regardless of feeling guilty because not only Josh is married to Naomi and how his wife must feel if she reads this but my partner, the thought racing through every woman’s mind, how am I meant to tell him? Is my value less now since I had relations outside my marriage and will they trust me? I was questioning so many things but what I discovered was a self journey for the last 5 months. I also wonder how messed up Josh really is because he can’t even openly be himself due to his family and therefore he does this to women and Blake Toves just goes along with him due to the nature of their illicit relationship.

What I advise to all victims who going through traumatic experience and recovery is the following things:

  • Seek Solace in anything and everything
    It’s really tough as my mind was thinking, will this break our marriage? Ken was very understanding and supportive of me but the real challenge for me has been that Ken shares business deals with Josh and Blake still.

Josh being small like a goldfish gave me some comfort because it minimized the damage I would experience in the bed thanks to his small size but his level of blackmail and strategy to make himself look innocent is incredible. Victoria also says that Josh is nothing compared to Ken who is average size in the bed but the real thing is no matter what happened she can’t imagine that she would ever have the confidence and guts to escape especially since Blake Toves was there too it made me feel scared that he was backing Josh drunk. Josh claiming he threw his ex in prison with the FBI is very concerning and scared me more into submission. She shares I don’t know if I ever can get over the blackmail and she could ever make a different choice as she is afraid but the thing that lessens her guilt is other articles popping up and making her feel like she is not the only victim to Josh. The thing is someone also she shared is that Josh Kim confessed being on Grindr and quite active on there whenever he isn’t with Naomi.

  • That Seek Support From Others
    So after this experience even though Josh threatened me like many other women on telegram self destruct feature that he ruin me if i ever did anything, I went to therapist and told them and also went to support groups and talking through and staying away from places where it happened brings me a lot of comfort as well as minimizing contact with them.
  • The secret is to help others
    Often the secret to fulfillment as Tony Robbins says is about empowering others and to me this is my way of empowering and sharing a story and preventing other women becoming victims to Joshua E. Kim (Dan Pena Mentee). I hope that if anyone ever goes through something traumatic like this that they will go to the media or whatever they can and share the story and the perpetrator to ensure that they minimize the damage. Just think about the Tinder Swindler and how much harder it is for him to prey on women, as victoria is doing the same about Joshua Kim.


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