6 Sectors That Perform Better Remotely

During the pandemic, employers in several industries learned that remote workers improve their bottom lines. The trend of working from home has become the norm, especially with remote workers turning to virtual offices to manage phone calls, faxes, and paper mail. These industries have embraced remote work, and the choice has proven to be the right one for them.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes several creative tasks that can be done remotely. Employees can write blogs, emails, and social media posts from the comfort of their homes or favorite coffee shops. People who want digital marketing jobs should have excellent written and verbal skills. They also should have a familiarity with SEO and other digital marketing terminology


People usually associate the construction industry with on-site builders and contractors. While the hands-on work can’t be done virtually, the behind-the-scenes work can. Remote workers can manage accounting, administrative, and communicative tasks to keep the construction sites functional. 

Project managers and engineers can also do a significant portion of their work remotely. They might need to visit the building site occasionally. 

Customer support

Major online companies like Amazon rely on remote workers for customer support services. For years, credit card companies and other large financial organizations used remote employees to answer phone calls. What has changed since the pandemic is where remote workers help customers. 

Rather than working in a large office, remote customer service employees work from home to answer phones or communicate via chatbots or email. If customer service employees work from home, their employers can save money by closing their brick-and-mortar phone banks or customer service desks. 

Banking and Finance

The finance industry is perfect for remote work, as most workers spend their time on their computers or phones communicating with customers or managing apps. Finance and accounting professionals still need proper licenses, and they’ll need outstanding communication skills. People who work remotely have to meet deadlines, despite the disruptions that happen at home. 


During the pandemic, wellness experts had to diversify to keep their businesses afloat. Many developed apps or videos that helped them connect to their clients. Those apps and videos have remained popular with people who aren’t ready to return to the exercise studio. Chat services are opening up opportunities for remote therapists. 

Remote workers are also changing how the health care and insurance industries are helping people maintain their health and wellness. Health care workers are connecting with patients through apps and video chats. Work-from-home professionals process insurance claims and manage accounting systems. 


Like the construction industry, legal professionals still need to work face-to-face, especially in courtrooms. Also, like in the construction industry, employees can do the background work remotely. Legal professionals can compile files, verify information, communicate with clients, and manage regulations from their computers and phones without needing to visit the office.

Wrap up

Remote work is here to stay, and more industries have learned how to meet their customers’ needs without employees being physically present in an office. 

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