850,000 power loss, 5-dead found and many Colloiding Vehicles as Powerful snow storm hit South, Mid Atlantic.

On Monday, one of the powerful winter storms with heavy snow burst across the mid-Atlantic and South. The consequences involve traffic block, five deaths and up to 850000 power loss occur. Additionally the terrific one is the cease of many federal government activities in Washington.

According to the report of AccuWeather, there was a possibility of higher and about 6 to 12 inches snow piles was expected. It also stated that the heavy snow storm will settle down on Monday. Another possibility was that the storm would hit different areas of Eastern Virginia to Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.

There were many reports which state that snow which measures approximately 10 inches hit North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey in midafternoon on Monday. On the other hand, Virginia and Glendie reported 14.5 inches of snow 50 miles towards southwest of Washington.

Recently, the National Weather Service had issued the warning of a strong winter storm which extended at the area till 4 p.m. on Monday. Moreover, Weather services predict that a strong rush of wind with a potential of 35 mph will hit, and it creates hurdles and complications for travelers. So, avoid traveling in order to prevent yourself from any miss happening.

About 2 inches of snow will hit some connected areas and thunderstorms are also predicted to occur in about five states, reported by the Weather prediction Channel. According to the report the estimated death rate measured as 5 because of harsh weather. On the other hand, WVLT has also reported the news of 7 year old girl found dead because of tree falling as snow hit badly in Townsend, Tenn,

Another report of CBS 46 stated that a 5 year old boy died as gusts of wind and a heavy snowstorm hit the tree. The affected tree fell on the home in DeKalb county near Atlanta.

The remaining three dead people reported by NCB – as snowplow and SUV colliding and crashing in Montgomery – Maryland. Besides many vehicle crashes also reported by the Virginia State Police. The vehicle crashes involve 559 cases and about 522 reported as stuck. On the other hand, up to half of the flights at major airports become canceled or delayed on Monday.

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