Federal judge stops the defense department to give punishment to every navy force member who refuses the vaccine:

On Monday A federal judge passed the preliminary injunction in which they blocked the Defense department to take adverse action against the thirty-five Navy soldiers who rejected to get vaccine of coronavirus. These soldiers claimed that this thing violates the freedom of their religion.

Different service members: including the Naval Special Warfare Command members and also the Navy Seals members filed the suit in opposition to the Biden administration. In this suit, they mentioned that different religious beliefs blocked them to get the Covid-19 vaccine for too many reasons, and these are based on the Christian faith. however, the Pentagon had given an order that all the duty troops get the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The Northern District of Texas judge, Reed O’Connor stopped the Defense department strictly to give punishment to those troops. 

“Our entire nation asks the military women and men to sacrifice, suffer and serve. But our nation doesn’t ask military women and men to put aside their entire citizenry and also give up the rights that they have sworn to protect,” judge 0’Cornnor wrote in the order of the twenty-six page. He added: “The Covid-19 doesn’t give any license to the government to revoke all these freedoms. In the First Amendment, there is no exception for Covid-19. From our Constitution, there is no military soldier exclusion.”

The group from the United States describes the small part of the active-duty military soldiers. In the mid of December month, too many members of the Navy and active-duty soldiers had gotten the one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. However, the officials said that in December month too many requested the religious exemptions, and no one from these has been granted till now. 

Judge O’Connor, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, has reliably tossed several Democratic policies that have been challenged on the federal bench. In response to the injunction on Monday, Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, wrote on Twitter, “This is a major win!”

A spokesperson for the Pentagon could not immediately be reached for comment. But on Monday evening, John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said that defense officials were reviewing the injunction, according to The Washington Post.


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