Anyone But You Release Date: Love Sparks and Laughter Bloom on December 22, 2023

Anyone But You Release Date: Anyone But You” has quickly become one of the most anticipated romantic comedies of the year, largely due to the star power of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, who lead the cast as Bea and Ben, former enemies turned fake lovers. Directed and co-written by Will Gluck, known for films like “Friends with Benefits” and “Easy A,” the movie promises a modernized adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Here’s everything you need to know about the film:

Release Date

Anyone But You is set to hit theaters on December 22, 2023. It was initially scheduled for release on December 15 but was pushed back by a week. Following its theatrical run, the film will be available for streaming on Netflix.


“Anyone But You” follows the story of Bea and Ben, two former arch-enemies who find themselves pretending to be a couple at a destination wedding in Australia. Despite their initial animosity, they embark on various escapades together, leading to unexpected romantic entanglements.


  • Sydney Sweeney (“Euphoria”) plays Bea, showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  • Glen Powell (“Top Gun: Maverick”) portrays Ben, bringing his charismatic charm to the role.
  • Dermot Mulroney (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”) plays a significant part in the film, adding his rom-com expertise to the mix.
  • Other Cast Members: Alexandra Shipp, GaTa, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Darren Barnet, Rachel Griffiths, Bryan Brown, and Joe Davidson contribute to the film’s ensemble.


A one-minute teaser trailer, set to WizTheMc’s “Death of Me,” was unveiled in theaters during the opening weekend of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Sony Pictures later released the trailer online on October 19, giving fans a glimpse of the romantic antics in store.


“Anyone But You” is directed by Will Gluck, who also co-wrote the script with Ilana Wolpert. Gluck, known for his rom-com expertise, returns to the genre after producing hits like “Easy A.” He is joined by a talented team of producers and writers, ensuring a delightful romantic comedy experience.

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Production for “Anyone But You” began in February 2023 and concluded in April 2023. The film was shot in various locations across Australia, capturing the picturesque backdrop of the destination wedding setting.

With its intriguing premise, star-studded cast, and the creative prowess of director Will Gluck, “Anyone But You” promises to deliver a delightful romantic comedy experience for audiences, making it a must-watch film during the holiday season.

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