Madame Web Release Date: Unraveling Marvel’s Enigmatic Psychic on February 14, 2024

Madame Web Release Date: Madame Web” is the next installment in Sony’s expanding Spider-Verse, exploring the origin story of a character deeply rooted in Marvel Comics lore. Here’s everything you need to know about this intriguing addition to the Spider-Verse:

Madame Web Release Date

Originally slated for release on July 7, 2023, Sony pushed the release date to October 6, 2023, and later to February 14, 2024. The film aims to captivate audiences over Valentine’s weekend, leveraging the romantic holiday for its premiere.


“Madame Web” will have a theatrical release and will subsequently become available for streaming on Netflix after its theatrical run and digital release window. Sony’s partnership with Netflix ensures wider accessibility for viewers.


As of now, no official trailer has been released. The film’s marketing campaign has yet to commence, leaving eager fans anticipating their first glimpse of the movie’s visuals and tone.


“Madame Web” delves into the enigmatic origins of the character Cassandra Webb, also known as Madame Web, from the Spider-Man comics. Cassandra, a mutant with telepathic and future prediction abilities, faces physical challenges due to her medical condition. The film explores her journey before she becomes the influential character Spider-Man fans recognize. The plot is expected to unravel Cassandra’s transformation and the development of her psychic powers.


  • Dakota Johnson portrays the titular character, Madame Web, showcasing her acting range in this Marvel adaptation.
  • Sydney Sweeney is rumored to play Julia Carpenter, another significant character from the Spider-Man comics.
  • Other Cast Members: Isabella Merced, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Zosia Mamet, Celeste O’Connor, and more contribute to the film’s ensemble, with specific character details yet to be revealed.

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Director and Writers

  • Director: S.J. Clarkson, known for her work on popular TV series like “Jessica Jones” and “Dexter,” makes her feature film debut with “Madame Web.”
  • Writers: The script is penned by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, writers of “Morbius,” and an initial draft by Karem Sanga.

Production Details

  • Filming Locations: Principal photography took place in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, capturing the essence of urban settings crucial to the Spider-Man universe.
  • Production Timeline: Filming commenced on July 11, 2022, and concluded in January 2023, marking the completion of the shooting phase.
  • Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura oversees the production, ensuring the film’s alignment with the Spider-Man mythos while exploring fresh narrative avenues.

“Madame Web” promises a fresh perspective on a beloved Marvel character, delving into unexplored territory within the Spider-Verse. With its talented cast, experienced director, and the mystique of Madame Web herself, the film is poised to intrigue both comic book enthusiasts and general audiences alike. Stay tuned for more updates as the film’s release date approaches.

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