Complete Review of NYT Crossword App Comes with new features

The NYT Crossword application allows many offers in daily puzzles game. It includes free mini puzzles and Sunday edition. All the puzzle games are the right reproductions of printed edition in this NewYork Times crossword app. 

Further it provide modified user interface which permit you to adjust the font size as per your need and to have better visibility on mini screens. This crossword app is coming into being by The New York Times organization particularly for iPodTouch, iPhone and iPad. Additionally, it is the best app among other. 

Solve Your Daily Crossword Puzzles on the Go:

The NYT crossword has priorities their gold standard regarding to crossword puzzles. In this way, Times has some amazing, entertaining and most challenging puzzles for their user. That’s the reason behind its huge partnership with up to 300 publications overall in North America.

If you want to download the app, then it is free to access as you can download it from play store for android. After this, you can approach all extras, daily puzzles and archives for a week. It is the trial period, and then you have to get your own subscription to have non-stop access to Crossword. 

On the other hand, The NYT Crossword provide home screen which is user friendly along with easy access to puzzles, archives, downloadable puzzle packs, and daily mini-game. 

The board of this puzzle game is comprises on elegant white and black colour theme along with blue highlights. You can increase the font size and can toggle the clues by dragging the clue strip present under the board. Moreover, the on-screen keyboard is simple to use and has many options which include rebus, reveal, check and clear. 

The Crossword app will allow you to have timed game by default. But if you don’t want to have timed game, then can disable it through gear icon. 

Best Features of NYT Crossword:

There are many amazing and best features which make the app more popular. The NYT Crossword is now offering regular puzzle which comprises huge and more challenging Sunday Crossword. It is good to know that these puzzle games are the required copies of the printed editions. Additionally, you can have free daily mini puzzle besides the buying subscription. 

After every eight weeks. You can get the themes puzzle packs which is released by the crossword app. You are able to download these themes to your phone and then can add them in your collection box. You can try the very first puzzle from each pack freely. 

Another amazing and most known feature of this crossword app is the auto sync option. It allows you to synchronize the entire puzzle in android to NYT website. It means you are able to access puzzle game direct form website to computer. 

The other additional amazing features of crossword application involve approach to Times 20- years archives, puzzle tricks, game statistics, puzzle tips and monthly calendar. 

Over the year, crossword application has continuously working to remove all the found crashes and bugs. Not only this, it also works to modify the overall performance and optimization. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is convenient to use with modified puzzle board
  • It comes with cost free mini puzzle games.
  • You can have daily premium puzzle
  • It permits to approach New York Time puzzle.
  • With monthly calendar and built-in-statistics. 
  • You can have auto-sync on many devices


  • You need monthly subscription to achieve daily puzzle game.


In the NYT crossword app, you can have many amazing features and entertaining challenges to play. Besides, it is well-designed and convenient to use. This app is truly perfect for their daily user with modified puzzle solving option.

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