Why Hydro Excavation Is the Most Delicate Excavation Method

Did you know that the US excavation contractors industry employs over 330,000 people? Hydro excavation services are fairly new to the industry. Although, the method has proven very useful for delicate excavation jobs.

Are you looking for hydro excavation companies to hire? Are you still unsure how the hydro excavation procedure works?

The following guide will explain what hydro excavation is and how it works. Read on and learn why it’s the best choice for fragile underground structures.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a process used to dig and move soil. It limits many of the risks and costs that come with traditional excavation methods.

A hydro excavator system uses highly pressurized water and an air vacuum. The water digs out the soil and the air vacuum sends it to a debris tank on the hydro excavation truck.

Next, crews can dig down to deeper layers of soil. The slurry of debris gets released from the tank back onto the ground when digging is complete. This covers any exposed subsurface facilities.

Hydro excavation operators can use the equipment for full excavation purposes. They can also use it to uncover small underground areas to find utilities.

Vacuums use either a positive displacement blower or a fan system. Fan systems are faster, cheaper, weigh less, and they’re easy to use. Positive displacement blowers are slower but dig deeper for heavy excavation jobs.

Hydro Excavation Benefits

Hydro excavation limits the risk of injury and damages. The water used can cut through the ground without endangering people or utilities. It softens and removes soil delicately instead of using heavy backhoes.

Operators have a handheld pressurized wand that accurately directs the water. Experts can easily work around tight areas with limited disruption to their surroundings.

This type of excavation works well in the winter. Some operators use hot water systems to heat and soften frozen soil. It allows construction and repair jobs to continue even in cold months.

Hydro excavation ensures that projects get completed on time. Other excavation tools often tear through buried utilities and damage pipes.

Damages cause delays that can make construction teams miss important deadlines. Repairing damages on the job is also very expensive. This makes the delicateness of hydro excavation even more important.

Hydro Excavation Uses

Hydro excavation systems work well for several important jobs. A few examples include construction, repairs, rehab, and inspections.

Debris removal is a common hydro excavation use. It’s also used for daylighting which locates subsurface and underground utilities. Line installation benefits from the process as well.

Many sewer inspections, repairs, and rehabilitation use hydro excavation.

Sign installation, pole installation, and potholing all benefit from hydro methods. It’s also perfect for trenching and slot trenching jobs.

Consider Hydro Excavation

Now you know what hydro excavation is and how it works. It’s an inexpensive and safe way of digging. Consider using the hydro excavation process for your next project. It will prevent damages and save you time.

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