Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Air Purifier

It is a fact that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Now the thing is that we spend most time indoors and the polluted indoor air will put us at a big risk. So, the air purifier will help you to make the air healthier and cleaner. With the help of an air purifier, you can easily clean the indoor air of your office or home.

If you don’t have the air purifier and want to buy the new one then you are in the right place. However, in this article, we will tell you some important things that you should consider before buying an air purifier

Reason to buy the air purifier?

The first thing you have considered is the reason for buying the air purifier. Basically, it cleans the indoor air that is polluted with dust and pollen. Other than this, it also provides you the opportunity to maintain a healthy environment. Basically, there are different reasons to buy an air purifier.

  • Allergy air purifier: If you have any type of allergy because of the air then you have to select the allergy relief purifier. These purifiers contain multiple filters like HEPA filters and others.
  • Asthma purifier: If you are or your family member is a patient of asthma then this is the best choice for you. These purifiers contain chemical filtration, odor, and also HEPA filters.
  • Smoke purifier: These types of air purifiers are specially designed to remove indoor smoke.
  • Pets purifiers: These are designed to handle pets. Basically, they remove the pet odor, hair, and also dander.

Size of the air purifier:

The next thing to consider is the size of the purifier. You always have to select the right size according to your needs. Select the purifier that has the ability to clean the air four times in an hour. However, the air purifier ensures to clean the indoor air and also filter out all symptoms of the allergy. However, the sizes of the air purifier are given below.

  • Small purifier: This is the best option for the small space or for the personal space up to 299 square feet.
  • Medium purifier: These purifiers are designed for medium rooms like 300 to 700 square feet.
  • Large purifier: If you have large rooms or space then you can buy the large purifier.

Features of the air purifier:

  • Always select the purifier that contains the energy-star rating by EPA.
  • Try to find the purifier that contains the Wi-Fi, with the help of this you can easily control it through your phone.
  • Other features of the air purifier include multiple fan speeds, caster wheels, handles, and also contains the indicators for a filter change.

Maintenance of the air purifier:

The major maintenance of the air purifier is changing the air filters. So, for this, you need to know when you have to change the air filters.

  • HEPA filters: If these filters are present in your purifier then you have to replace them after a year, but it depends on the usage.
  • Carbon filters: The replacement time of the carbon filters is six months.
  • Pre-filters: The pre-filters work perfectly for three months but remember that some filters are washable so you can use them for a long period.
  • Other filters like the air sterilizers and others use the heat and because of this, you don’t need to replace them.

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