Doomscrolling harms mental health

Doomscrolling is a habit in which people fall into the harmful cycle of reading negative news and social media posts. Experts say that doomscrolling has a negative effect on mental health, leading to increased anxiety, stress, depression and nervousness. There are some such tips, by following which you can curb this habit and avoid the harm caused by it.

So first and foremost, what is doomscrolling? Doomscrolling simply put, it is excessive use of the screen while scrolling negative news is called doom surfing/scrolling. When people become victims of this, then they start feeling restless to know new news. Due to this restlessness, those people start grabbing mobiles and other gadgets. Even if that news is disturbing, people do not leave it.

If we look at the disadvantages, they include it’s potential to aggravate mental illness; increases nervousness and anxiety; interrupts your sleep; social media and doomscrolling trigger stress hormones; negative feelings; reinforces negative thoughts and feelings among others.

How can we avoid doomscrolling? Regarding this, we have a conversation with Dr. Mrinmoy Kumar Das, Senior Consultant working in the Department of Behavioral Sciences of Jaypee Hospital, Noida. He says that to avoid doomscrolling, we have to be aware of it. Apart from this, you have to follow some tips.

To avoid the dreaded habit like doomscrolling, you have to set a time limit for the use of any news site while scrolling the social media and screen. You can stay informed about the news and stay connected with friends, but do it with limits. You must set aside one day to use these sites.

Scrolling through news and posts has a useful purpose, but it can get out of control. Mindfulness is a positive mental health practice, most commonly applied to meditation. So keep in mind that do not spend too much time on any post.

You should see positive news using social media. If someone’s post bothers you, then block them. To avoid stress, you can like the comedy page. Experts say that spending more time on positive things gives you less time for doomscrolling.

Mental health experts say that completely unplugging from computers, tablets and phones is extremely beneficial for mental health. So stay away from these things as much as possible and take time for yourself.

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