Dr. Michael Connor with a Groundbreaking Skin Care System, Scarology, Provides Solution to New and Old Scarring

Scars can be frustrating imperfections that many people have come to accept on their bodies. Typically, scars are caused by past infections, injuries, damage, or inflammation to the skin that leave a permanent visible discoloration and can even cause textural changes in some cases. Trauma inflicted upon the skin is often left behind in the form of scars, especially if the area was agitated during the healing process. Some scars are noticeable, while others are more discreet, but either way, scars are usually not something a person wants to have. Up until recently, skincare solutions directed towards healing scars were not very effective for reducing the appearance and improving the scar’s texture.

Dr. Michael Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor, a team of two physicians who also happen to be husband and wife, have dedicated themselves to finding a solution to new and old scarring. They wanted to formulate a skin care system that could improve the texture of the scarred skin while permanently fading or at least significantly reducing the visibility of the scars—and they succeeded.

After extensive research and clinical testing, the Connor Doctors released Scarology, a groundbreaking three-step scar treatment system made from scientifically proven ingredients that will nourish the scar, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation. “After realizing the severe lack of effective scar treatment products available, we dedicated ourselves to forming an easily accessible medical-grade system that is effective for both adults and children,” said Dr. Jeanmarie Connor. “Scarology only uses clinically proven active ingredients that are not found in other skin care treatments. With our simple three-step system that involves exfoliation, scar cream, and silicone sheets, users will see a significant decrease in the visibility of their scars. We are excited to have finally created an effective solution available for people dealing with unwanted scarring.”

Scarology is currently the most effective scar treatment skin care system on the market. There are no other products on the market that have been proven to effectively reduce unwanted scarring. “Our fruit acid exfoliation process is what sets us apart from other scar treatment products,” explained Dr. Michael Connor. “Removing the dead skin cells on the scar supports new cell production for that top layer of the skin. When paired with the scar cream and the silicone sheets, the skin becomes renewed and nourished, overall improving the appearance and texture of the scar, no matter how old the scar is.”

Scarology is dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and pediatrician recommended for improving the appearance and texture of old and new scarring. Interested customers can order the product online—no doctors’ appointments or prescriptions required. The Scarology system can be used on any type of scar, including old or new, including pale or thin scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, burns, stretch marks, and acne scars. Using Scarology is simple, thanks to the straightforward three-step process created by the Connor Doctors. Their cutting-edge formula has provided an innovative and effective approach to treating old and new scarring.

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