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How to Login Piso Wifi pause

One of the biggest Philippines ISP, known as Piso Wifi pause, was in the initial stage as arcade-style internet provider. It came into being in 2017, and it is growing gradually day by day. The previous version was launched in 2011 and is known by the name of PISONET. Then in 2017, it was named Piso wifi. Piso means “one-peso”-it further elaborates that users can get internet service through the coins system. 

It is considered as significantly lowest charges which help you get internet delivered through a vending machine. In other words, you can say it is a rental internet service bought through coins. In this way, it proves helpful for those who cannot afford high price internet; they can consider this option. is a default gateway comprising four sets of numerical lies between 0 and 255. It is good to know that it is specific IP address avail to every user. So, internet providers allow each device to obtain its unique IP address. In the whole numerical, the first three points in IP address display the network ID, which is 10, and will be different for all.

In this blog, you will know everything related to Wifi pause, such as how to log in to Vendo, default password and login, advantages, drawbacks, and many more. So, read it carefully. 

How to Login Piso Wifi Pause

If you want to log in to Piso wifi pause, follow the steps below. In the case of a holding router, there is no need to buy new because that router is enough to access the internet via the router. 

  • First of all, navigate to a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Now enter the official IP address “,” or you can put in the searching bar. 
  • It will display a login screen, and enter your username and password in the given field. 
  • Now you have to tap on the “Log in,” and you will be redirected to Routers Admin Page.
  • Here you can make changes in settings and do other things in the router’s admin panel.

To access the panel, you should try the URL. After reaching the router admin panel, explore it and change the setting per your requirement. Besides, you can also change the IP address through panel settings. 

Advantages of Using Piso Wifi Vendo:

If you consider the use of this peso internet service, you will get various benefits; these include:

  • It is best to have Piso Wifi for those who can’t afford high-cost internet.
  • It aids in rate time, bandwidth and users.
  • The IP address is useable numerous times.
  • Besides this low-cost internet service, Telecom gets enough profit.
  • The administrator allows to approach and manage rate adjustment from anywhere.
  • It involves a straightforward procedure and steps to access and use the internet anytime.
  • This service does not involve any packages or subscriptions; it means it is free of cost.

Problems Regarding Using Piso Wifi Vendo

If you are using Piso Wifi Vendo, you indeed face some problems. Some of these include longer response time, Gateway not responding, wrong IP address, incorrect login credentials, and many others. Some common issues which users mostly face are discussed below. 

  1. Long response to time or Gateway not responding

It is the most common issue which many users face. If you are also facing while logging in, you should try to change your IP address. Some efficient IPs are,, These IPs will surely resolve your problem. Check your hardware router or wire if these addresses are still not working for you. In this situation, try to unplug and then plug of wire into the router, or you can also consider the reboot router strategy.  

  1. Wrong Address Assignment

If you are facing this issue, it means the wireless network assigns the IP address to all users. This way, many IPs are not in the range. It is the reason which causes hurdle in internet connection.

  1. Wrong IP Address

The third and most prominent issue you may face while using Piso Wifi pause is an incorrect password. It results in no successful access to an internet connection. Always remember that there are only two zeros, so ensure correct typing while putting the address in the URL. To put the right numerical, you can use or but not; it contains three zeros and is wrong. The browser will show the default homepage or Google search if you do so.

  1. Incorrect login credentials

Another primary issue that creates a hurdle in accessing internet services. So, always make sure to enter the correct username and password.

Piso Wifi Vendo is safe or not

Many people consider the question of whether it is safe to sue or not. In short, it is a completely secure connection to use internet service in only one pesa. As it is not entirely free, you are paying for it, either less or more, and the thing is always safe for which you are paying. 

Final Words

The Piso Wifi Vendo is an internet service provider platform that allows users to access all the services in just one pesa. It is safe to use and enables various advantages. If you are facing any problems, try the above mention tips to resolve issues. 

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