Fantastic Promotional Items That Can Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Making your brand as visible as humanly possible is key to boosting your business’s success. One way you can achieve this goal, and on a budget at that, is by using promotional items. By giving away free promo items, you unlock the ability to organically insert your brand into potential customers’ daily lives. Here are just a few of the best promotional items that can boost your brand’s visibility: 

Tote Bags

In the hyper-social world that we live in today, many people are always on the move. Provide them with the comfort of not having to awkwardly hold all of their belongings, by giving them a branded, and completely free tote bag. People pay close attention to the branding on people’s tote bags, purses, and backpacks – so take advantage of this style trend by buying quality bulk promotional tote bags for the customer base that your business is targeting. 


Who doesn’t love a free shirt? Especially if you make the fit, material, and look of your promotional shirts attractive, you’ll have a quality way to market your business. With every person that ends up wearing your shirt in public, you’ll have created a walking billboard for just a few dollars! Make a shirt people will want to wear a few times a month, and you’ve struck gold! The cost-effective nature of promotional t-shirts is frankly hard to overstate. 

Stress Balls

If you work in an office environment, you’ll likely be very familiar with stress balls. These little, squeezy, and comforting balls can give you a much-needed release between meetings and work tasks. If your brand is targeting professionals, office workers, or other high-stress workers, investing in promotional stress balls is highly recommended. Not only will everyone in the office eventually see your brand, but the person using the stress ball will develop an emotional connection to your brand. 


Even in these colder months, having a solid pair of sunglasses can prove invaluable. Because quality sunglasses can be mass-produced for incredibly small prices, you can give customers the gift of stylish eye protection (even if you’re operating a small business). If your business is operating in a tourist-heavy town, where beachgoers amass, this promotional gift can massively boost your brand’s reach. Just make sure you choose the right style of sunglasses for the season! Ask customers to post a picture of themselves wearing your promotional sunglasses on social media for a guaranteed engagement boost. 

USB Drives

Many businesses will give out professional-friendly promotional items at trade shows. USB drives remain a hyper-popular choice for these settings, as they can prove useful for business people on the go. Nowadays, you can even bulk order USBs and other storage devices that have impressive storage space for cheap. If your business has a trade show coming out, this is a promotional marketing strategy that you should seriously consider. 

Face Masks

While the biggest chunk of the pandemic is behind us, many people are still wearing masks. To help your customers feel safe, appreciated, and cared for, providing free, branded masks to them can prove insanely lucrative. Similar to branded shirts, face masks can provide a walking billboard space if you market them correctly. Be sure to consider the health and social needs of your customer base when you’re designing and ordering your promotional face masks in bulk, however. 


Another item that’s perfect for the “walking billboard” aspect of the promotional marketing strategy, practically everyone loves a solid hat. Once again, considering the style of hat you’re giving out becomes important. If you nail the design and make the wearer happy enough to wear your hat frequently, you can get your brand’s logo in front of hundreds of public eyes every time the hat-loving customer goes out on the town. 


Lastly, pens are a solid, classic item you can use when launching a promotional marketing strategy. Make sure you get high-quality pens that can write with ease. This is another great item to choose if you’re marketing at a trade show. After all, who hasn’t been in a situation where they suddenly, and desperately need a pen? Give your customers the gift of a free pen during one of these crisis moments, and they’ll immediately have a newly-developed emotional connection to your brand. 

Get Your Brand Out There!

With promotional marketing, you’re putting in the work that’s needed to get your brand out into the public eye. Doing so can make or break small businesses’ ability to compete, so make sure to take this promotional strategy seriously! 

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