5 Simple Ways To Improve Instagram Engagement

Using Instagram as a business platform is the best idea for upcoming entrepreneurs to promote their products. It is the perfect tool for promoting your brand and obtaining a higher audience reach. According to statistics, approximately 18,3% of people around the world use Instagram today. Creating a profile filled with interesting content, such as funny stories and engaging posts, is what attracts people the most. 

However, a high number of followers doesn’t equate to success if there is no engagement. You need likes, shares, comments, and tags on your posts from relevant profiles. There are many fake profiles, commonly referred to as bots, circulating on the platform. That is why you need to start with a low number of Instagram followers and continue to grow the number organically. This way, you will have an authentic, real audience and, ultimately, better engagement on your posts. Here are five simple ways to improve your Instagram engagement.  

Create shareable content

Your content is viewed, liked, and shared on Instagram – the more interesting content you post, the more engagement it generates and the less interesting you are, the lower your Instagram engagement will be. So, the basic strategy to increase your Instagram engagement rate is to make your content fun, creative, and engaging.

You need creative topics and captivating educational posts that will make your potential followers interested in your page. Add some motivational quotes or engaging captions that will convince your followers that it is the right profile for them. Perform research to find out what hashtags drive a lot of traffic and start using them more frequently on your posts. 

Be as authentic as possible

Being genuine, empathetic, and relatable on social media is better than trying to look perfect. This way, your audience will get to know the real you and they will authenticate themselves through your posts. It is step no.1 towards acquiring authenticity, and followers will come rushing in. 

Think outside the box when creating the content. For example, when filming reels or videos for your brand, do two separate posts. One will be the finished video, and the other one will be an excerpt of behind-the-scenes footage that you can post on your Instagram story or on your feed. Your audience will get the chance to see you in a more realistic, private way. 

Share captivating images

Instagram is a platform where visualization is the most important factor. Posting cute, interesting photos is what attracts people the most. Step number one is to put up a creative profile photo. It can be your brand logo or something else that represents your brand well. It has to stand out from the rest of the pictures people find online. 

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or graphic designer to create the perfect picture. There are many tools online that can help you give your image the polish you want. Always try to post images that will represent your brand in a creative and engaging way, and make something that will make your audience remember you instantly. 

Go live often

Instagram Live is one of the most compelling options this platform has to offer. This way, you can share news about your brand directly with the audience, build engagement, and talk face-to-face with your followers. They will get to know your world in a more intimate and transparent way. Your audience will get the chance to ask questions, share their experiences with your brand, and maybe give suggestions on what they want to see more of on your profile. 

Be aware that going live on Instagram requires a lot of preparation. Make sure you know how to use Instagram Live, how to add other people during the live stream, and how to adjust your camera settings. Additionally, do an Instagram Story poll asking your audience what time frame and day is the most suitable for the live stream. In this way, you will show them that you care for them and their opinion. 

Connect with your audience 

Apart from going live, there are other ways in which you can show appreciation to your audience. Always pay attention to the comments and likes they leave on your posts. When you see a comment, reply politely and leave a fun emoji. This way, they will feel seen and heard and will engage with your page again. 

Final thoughts

Instagram is the real deal when you want to create something meaningful and get to know your audience. Be creative, fun, and trustworthy when posting on your page. You will be noticed and followers will flood your Instagram page soon enough.

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