What Things You Can Do in Eday

Do you know what is Eday? It is considered one of the remote North Isles in the Islands of the Orkney. It is located off the Scotland North coast. So, in this article, we are going to tell you what things you can do in the Eday. Read the entire article to know about the amazing things that you can do in the Eday.

How huge is the Eday island?

If we talk about how huge it is then the Eday is about twenty-four kilometers from Orkney Mainland. It contains an area of 27 square kilometers. However, it is considered the 9th largest island of the archipelago. Other than this, the old red sandstone is the bedrock of this island and it is present along sea cliffs. 

Why we should visit the Eday?

If you are a person who is searching for peace and quiet, then this place is specially made for you. When you sit close to the beach then you will feel that you are in touch with nature. Here you will find the grasslands, upland moors, freshwater lochs, a variety of birds and animals, and also the coastline throughout the entire year. 

Things to do in the Eday:

There are too many things that you can do in the Eday but the best are given below. 

Beach lover’s paradise:

You have the opportunity to select the beaches across this island, it depends on your interest and likes. However, all the sandy and shallow warm water beaches are the best options for toddlers. Here you will find too many amazing spots for the mile-long stretches specially to tire the dogs out, for the rock pooling and also you will some amazing places for the BBQ dinner. Other than this you can also explore the caves. 

The Heritage Trail:

You have the opportunity to enjoy the picnic at shelter stone, you can also climb inside of the Vinquoy Chambered Tomb, and after this dangle your both legs over cliffs. However, the heritage trail begins from the Eday shops to the top of cliffs. You can easily enjoy this with the help of a three to four walk and have to cover the 10 KM area. 

Bird watcher’s heaven

If you are a bird watcher and love to see the different birds, then Eday is the best place for you. Here you will find too many unique and rare species of birds. These birds are flying about in the abundance. These birds include the kestrels, puffins, red-throated divers, hen harries, buzzards, owls, and peregrines. 

Visit the visitor centre and heritage:

You can visit the heritage and the visitor center of the Eday. However, the volunteers run the Eday centre and it opens daily at the time of summer months. 

Tour the Calf of Eday:

You can enjoy the boat trip to the uninhabited island of Eday, you can enjoy alone the seals and sheep here. You can also enjoy the various archeological sites like the chambered tombs and also the old salt works. 

Learn traditional skills and catch some fish:

You can learn new skills like making clootie dumplings and making other things. Here you can easily learn the different types of traditional skills. Other than this, you can catch some fish from the Eday pier in the evening time.

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