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Students truly love to play video games on computer. According to the research, the girls of 8th class mostly like to play video games on computer for about 12 hours in a week. On the other hand, boys of same grade like to play double of this time. 

It concludes that students like to play games as compare to watch TV. In this way, they introduce many video games for school students to play on computers. All these are fun to learn many things like some valuable skills and initiation. 

Here you will know the best educational games which you can put in school computers for kids and young students. These include:


This amazing game aids the school children to not only play and enjoy, but also help them in learning vocabulary skills and creativity. It also helps the children to polish their reading abilities. 

This game involves some written words which pop up on the computer screen. They can pass the level when they copy the text and read it well. By doing this, the student can move towards up levels. 

Crazy Machines:

This amazing game helps the child to raise the inventing power in children. In this game, the child player have to build the machines and then test it which in turn flex their knowledge and creativity related to particle effects, physics, gravity and electricity. 

Oregon Trail:

It is an old times game but as saying “Old is gold”. No one can deny the significance of Oregon Trail game. It greatly attracts the elementary school children by regulating the history skills and geography lessons. This amazing game consists of some challenges which student has to face and find solution. All these challenges are related to real life problems, so it boosts the capacity of children to think critically. It is sort of huge fun and unique environment.

SplashLearn Math Games:

 It is the library of math games which offer many unpaid games for kids to grade 5 children. For each grade, there is about 60 games which student can play and learn as much as they want. They will not even get tired of these games. 

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab:

Mother is always worried about their child lunch because they don’t choose healthy diet. In this situation, the kids can learn what to eat and what not instead of listening their mother and father orders. 

Moreover, this amazing game allows the kid to expose nutritional information, basic food recipes and healthy eating tips. 

Lifeboat to Mars:

It involves many free games which help the kids to create huge ecosystem with different missions in game. It allows them to know more about the environment and biology. By the help of couple of simulation options, kids can monitor plants, animal and microbes ecosystem. Additionally, these games also require game instruction which in turn boost the reading ability in children. 

Spelling City:

This game involves vocabulary of up to 30 different languages which is for different age groups. It helps the children a lot in learning of different words spelling and is great fun to play through computer and mobiles.  

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