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How AIKON & ORE Network Are Making Blockchain Accessible To All Businesses

Blockchain adoption is still in its infancy, and developers need to find a way to encourage more businesses to consider implementing its technology. Currently, it appears those tech-oriented companies with youthful or evangelist leaders are the only organizations that see this as a viable or valuable opportunity.

Likely, this is due to the lack of education that explains the benefits of blockchain technology in simple business terms, and the barriers to entry can be incredibly long-winded and confusing.

However, AIKON and the ORE Network are different from other blockchain companies. They’re making waves, implementing methods that make mass adoption for businesses much easier, but how are they doing it?

Simplifying Solutions

Most blockchain systems are built with and targeted at those users who are early adopters, the ones who seek out change and new technologies and are happy to dive in at the deep end. However, that is not the mass market. With leadership experience with companies such as Microsoft, Ripple, and EOS New York, the ORE and AIKON teams know what it takes to introduce new technologies to a wide user base. Hence, why they’ve developed simple systems, making complex blockchain technology easy to use for all businesses and consumers.

Improved Key Ownership

Everyone has heard the stories of people who have lost their keys and can never access their digital wallets ever again. This is a major turn-off for many businesses and consumers – and the fact that a key is incredibly difficult to remember.

with AIKON’s ORE ID — an identity authorization solution built on the ORE Network — users own their keys across numerous chain including EOS, Algorand and Ethereum. Rather than signing in with their key, it is encrypted with a PIN of their choosing and stored, meaning they never have to remember their incredibly long keys for numerous accounts, and losing them is no longer an issue.

An Enterprise Wallet Solution

In business, rarely is there a single decision-maker for all transactions. A problem presented by digital wallets is that they require a single digital signature for authentication and transactions to be processed, making companies susceptible to hacks, key losses, and digital assets becoming
inaccessible. AIKON’s ORE Vault is one of the few enterprise-built crypto wallets, allowing for secure multi-signature transactions of digital assets and NFTs, completely negating the issue of single signatures and enabling businesses to secure and protect their assets at all times.

Connecting Web 2.0 & Web 3.0

For businesses and consumers to adopt blockchain technology, they need some semblance of familiarity and consistency with the systems they already use. While Web 3.0 seeks to solve many of the issues that Web 2.0 has presented, blockchain developers also need to realize it can be the solution to mass adoption. Nowadays, users expect to be able to log in to any platform using a Google or Facebook account rather than signing up on every platform they join.

The Open Rights Exchange (ORE) is focused on decentralized identities, assets, and rights. An example of this is giving users the ability to connect Web 2.0 identities to accounts on multiple blockchains, creating a single sign-on experience for cross-chain interoperability. Marc Blinder, AIKON CEO & ORE Core Contributor, told us, “users have complete autonomy with what identity data they share cross-chain. Decentralization is based upon giving the user back control, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Nobody shall share nothing more or less than they ever want or need to.”

Visit the AIKON and ORE Network websites to learn more about how your business can easily begin to implement blockchain technology and reap the reward for years to come.

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