The Book That Motivated Samuel Onuha To Become A Successful Businessman

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There is a popular phrase which any person who has passed through the four walls of a school has definitely heard countlessly – “reading is fundamental to success”. This can also be applied to business. Books from noteworthy industry personalities are known to have shaped people’s lives, especially entrepreneurs looking for inspiration. Investing in motivational books has the power to stimulate your business across the board, and allow you to explore new and diverse ideas by enhancing your expertise, and bringing out your creativity. This has proven to be true for Mr. Samuel Onuha.

Mr. Samuel Onuha is a Dutch entrepreneur who is very popular and known for his tremendous success as a businessman. Samuel is also known as a hardworking person who works tirelessly to turn his dreams into reality.
Samuel Onuha after graduating contemplated many roads to financial success and stability. Just like most people who dream of an entrepreneurial life where there is no working nine-to-five, he also dreamed of such a life. Samuel thought of pursuing a dream, an ability to dictate his schedule, and being his own boss.

Mr. Samuel Onuha learned everything he knew from scratch and then became a well-known name in the online business industry. His early success has certainly inspired a lot of people, due to many having credited him to being a motivating factor for them to pursue their interest

Though many people hope for success, some, due to the lack of the right opportunities in life give up halfway. While some have allowed the lack of confidence to take over their dreams.

According to Samuel, if you are the type that struggles to motivate yourself to do something you know needs to be done, and you need some workable tips to improve your self-discipline, then the “No Excuses” book by Brian Tracy is what you need to read.

The good news is that the world has seen some of the most amazing success stories from entrepreneurs who have read this book and have become true inspirational stories for others. One of those individuals happens to be the businessman Samuel Onuha, who has credited Brian Tracy’s No Excuses book as one of the contributing factors to his exceptional success in the world of entrepreneurship.

About No Excuses

The power of self-discipline by New York Times bestselling author Brian Tracy.

Onuha noted liking several things about this book. He mentioned liking the way the author presented his teachings in a very clear and concise manner. Tracy’s recommendations and lessons sparked the fire in him to become a successful businessman.

He remembers not having any money but only the idea to start up his business, but the book fired him up to having no excuses for failure. A lot of people who don’t read many personal development books find it difficult to succeed in the competitive world of business.

The most vital thing that makes the concepts in this book by Brian Tracy so easy to digest and implement is how he organized his content. Each of the chapter’s titles follows the same structure and pattern: Self-discipline and a short noun phrase. The book has subtitles like self-discipline and time management, self-discipline and courage, and so on.

This style of writing further proved that if anyone has the intention of reading this book to improve their self-discipline, then it means reading the word from the start of each chapter over and over again can help in embedding the idea deep into the brain. According to Sam, it worked for me because my major concern was self-discipline. As you know, developing self-discipline is the key to staying on track with your goal.

So here is Mr. Samuel Onuha, speaking on the book that motivated him to becoming a successful businessman and highlights the important lessons he learned from “No Excuses” the power of self-discipline by the bestselling author Brian Tracy.

Lesson 1: If you want a rewarding life, you should constantly improve yourself and plan every action with The Seven-Step Method.

Note that self-actualization implies skills and knowledge. Make sure you allocate 3% of your income and in whatever you do, spend a little time every day to move from average to excellence. You can also stay at work a little longer to learn something new, or you read good books instead of watching TV at home.

I learned that I can learn many things from people who are already successful in my field. You should observe how they dress and talk. Find out what books they read, and what courses they take.

I also learned that self-actualization also needs me to think long-term. So for you, Tracy’s Seven-Step Method can help you to:

  • It will help you to define your exact goal.
  • It will help you to write down your specific goals.
  • It will help you to set a deadline like a realistic one. When you have a complicated goal
  • to achieve or one that requires much time, It will help you to break it into subtasks
  • setting a deadline for each.
  • It makes you think about the obstacles you will face in the process and the resources
  • required for you to succeed, which includes skills. It will help you to create a list of
  • actionable steps to acquire them.
  • It will help you organize the list by priority and sequence, and help you to remember the
  • most beneficial tasks that should be completed first.
  • It helps you to begin today with your first step!
  • It will help you to execute every day, even smaller things that will get you closer to your goal.

Lesson 2: It allowed me to take care of the 5 ingredients of happiness so I can feel good about myself and in control of my life.

I learned that the more I understand that what happens to me is mostly a consequence of my actions, the happier I became. As you know, people who feel powerless and who are at the mercy of external circumstances are usually very unhappy about themselves.

So if you must feel good about yourself, make sure to take control of your life by working on the 5 ingredients of happiness:

  • Financial independence: As you know, working is much better when you remember that you don’t need to. This means that you should try to live with 99% of your income and then save 1% to slowly build your freedom from your earned money.
  • Health and energy: Anyone can be really happy only if they remain healthy, and have a high level of energy. With this lesson, I learned to eliminate the free whites from my diets which are flour, sugar, and salt.
  • Relationships: As we all know, most of our happiness comes from the positive relationship we build with others. This means if you must improve on them, you should stop taking things personally and stop blaming your problems on others. It taught me to be the first to give out what I wish to receive, in which friendship and forgiveness are included.
  • Meaningful work: Mr. Sam learned that doing a job you like would make you happier.
  • Self-actualization: Self-actualization is the feeling you get which shows that you’re living at your full potential.

Lesson 3: Mr. Sam learned that fear is normal which can only be overcome by creating a Disaster Report.

Yes, Mr. Sam knew he was lacking self-discipline. But he realized that self-discipline wasn’t the only thing that could prevent him from realizing his dreams. Do not allow the fear of failing and losing your money to hold you back from undertaking any personal challenges you’re supposed to take.

Remember that the so-called brave people can be scared too, but most of them have mastered the discipline to take action anyway. This was a problem for Mr. Samuel too, but he found answers from Brian Tracy’s technique to overcome fear which is called The Disaster Report. In this lesson:

  • This lesson allowed him to write down what he’s afraid of in detail. So if you are concerned about not being good enough or about losing all your savings, then this will be helpful for you.
  • It helped Mr. Sam to describe the worst-case scenario that would happen in his business. So whenever you analyze it rationally, you will end up losing part of the scary power.
  • It helped him to find solutions for the worst-case scenario.
  • It helped him to take action to make sure the worst-case scenario doesn’t manifest itself. When you put this lesson to practice, it will lessen your anxiety.According to Samuel Onuha, the trick to prevent being stuck in your worries is pretending not to be worried at all. Just like Aristotle once said, you can develop a quality by just acting as if you already had it. This simply means that you should fake it until you make it.


Samuel Onuha said that No Excuses by the bestselling author Brian Tracy is a useful book that has improved every area of his life. The book has made him get better at his business, financial freedom, fitness, health, relationships, and inner peace. This book will help you too. It will provide you with many step-by-step techniques that will help you to practice self-discipline in business and your life.

When asked, who would you recommend the No Excuses for?

Mr. Onuha said he would recommend No Excuses for every 20-year-old person who lacks self-confidence, 35-year-old persons who don’t love their current life and those who blame it on their parents, and anyone who feels they’re never going to be happy in life.


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