This new 21st century achievement will improve your entire daily routine. Everything you do will be connected to high tech. That does not mean you will have a small screen everywhere you go to play slots online. Rather, it means that you will have control over your home, even when you are not at home. Your house will be fully automated, so there will be no problem if you forget to lower your blind. You can do this from your smartphone, which most people carry with them wherever they go. It will create a completely new lifestyle for its users.


There is a wide range of tech devices as well as special offers that attract customers all over the world. The possibilities are almost endless, including special apps, automatic lighting, or even a touchscreen oven.

You can connect to your lighting or thermostat from your mobile phone. So you won’t have to worry about your plants and the right temperature anymore. You will be in control 24/7. The so-called smart lights and home cameras have the pleasant side effect of making your home safer. Outdoor cameras and a video door ball will ensure that you are always in the picture, no matter where you are. 

But aside from securing your belongings, big companies are flooding the market with other products to help you with your household tasks. It seems like the market will never be satisfied. There is always room for new inventions. 

Whether it is cleaning or taking care of your pet, you will easily find a suitable device that will make your work easier. For example, a pet camera can watch over your dog or cat while a smart air purifier cleans the air. 

Thanks to smart speakers, writing a grocery list has never been easier. And more importantly, you are less likely to forget something. Your friends will envy you and probably talk more to the speakers than to you the next time they visit.  

Kitchen accessories are smarter than you are. If you need to steam, bake, roast or sous-vide your food, there is already a tool that does the job for you. So you can sit back and enjoy the new brainchild of our century.  


The rise of digitalization increased the adoption of smart devices worldwide.

As statistics show, the share of smart home technology users in Europe only reaches more than 20% in two countries. In Denmark and the Netherlands people seem to be more affin to this technology. Followed by Sweden and Norway (19%), Iceland (17%) and the United Kingdom with 16%. The EU-average lies at 10%. Which is not much keeping in mind the size of the European market. The reasons therefore vary deeply depending on the generation. The costs seem always to influence the decision to buy or not. But one can expect with advanced technology it will also get cheaper. However, the revenue in this section is projected to reach US$ 5.15 bn by the end of 2022. An annual growth rate of 10.23% is expected. Which would result in a market expansion of US$ 8.38bn by 2027. Nevertheless, most of the revenues will be generated by the USA. 

Regarding the demands of the markets, smart speakers and security tools (smoke detectors and security cameras) are becoming increasingly popular. Whether smart lightning and smart thermostats lose their status. 


Basically, all your daily tasks that you have been doing for years and that did not seem difficult will become even less difficult when someone puts the word “smart” in front of them. For example, a smart coffee maker – enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning has never been so convenient. The possibilities seem endless as long as you can connect it via WIFI or Bluetooth. Also the design seems to outdo itself every year and attract ever more buyers. Some of them are useful in the eyes of customers. Others are just for embellishment. Still, the market is big enough and it seems to be worth it. Smart home technology is a decision of lifestyle.

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