How to choose a Buttonhole machine for beginners

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 Buttonhole machines are specialized industrial sewing equipment that performs straight and eye loops.

 – Straight loop buttonhole machine are used to create buttonholes on items such as shirts, blouses, knitwear, underwear. Typically, such models perform both a regular linen and a beaded loop.

 – Eyelet looping machines are used in the production of men’s suits, coats, jeans, fur and leather products

. As a rule, the equipment is equipped with an outboard induction motor, and in many modern machines the drive is already built into the head; they are called “direct drive loopers”.

There are also semi-automatic and automatic loop machines. The latter type of machines is distinguished by the possibility of storing several overcasting programs in memory. Also, all models have the option of adjusting the width and length of the buttonhole. On automatic models, you can create a buttonhole with a reinforced frame, which is especially important when working with thin and knitted fabric!

How to choose a buttonhole machine for beginners. 

Most of the existing sewing equipment models on the market are remarkable in quality, functionality and convenience for use at home. If you need a machine to perform simple operations, for example, hemming towels or tablecloths, attaching a patch, sewing simple clothes from easy-to-use fabrics, you can pay attention to inexpensive models with a basic set of functions. Once you are sure that sewing is something you will want to do, it is time to consider buying a machine.

Choosing a well-designed buttonhole machine makes learning to sew much more enjoyable. A buttonhole machine is an investment that you will likely use for many years to come. Even if you don’t use it every day, you’ll want to work with a sturdy, reliable, and trouble-free machine when you sit down to button hole.

Buttonhole type. 

Creating a beautiful and functional buttonhole is a very painstaking job and is usually done by hand. However, if you regularly make buttonholes, the buttonhole function on a sewing machine is an absolute must. It is a very simple and easy way to create buttonholes and finish them neatly. A good machine can make up to 7 types of buttonholes. Automatic mode is more convenient. The semi-automatic device is found in the cheaper models, the sewing process is simpler and more convenient, but you need to manually adjust the buttonhole mode according to the size of the button.

How to choose a sewing machine for beginners: checking the type of stitch. Basically the seamstress uses 5-6 stitches (straight, invisible, overedge, zigzag, elastic), but if you have to make complex products often or work with different types of fabric, it is better to have 20-25 types of stitch.

Automatic thread cutter

One of the most useful functions a sewing machine can be equipped with is the automatic thread cutter which saves you from using scissors. One push of the button is enough to lift the foot and cut the threads.

Additional equipment. 

In the sewing process, you will need equipment: various bobbins, needles, needle threader, etc. It is worth checking whether there is a case, a set of tools, some models are even equipped with a table.

Easy to use

The car should be easy to control. It shouldn’t take much effort for steps like changing the stitch length, winding the bobbin, threading the needle.

Free Arm

A free arm is useful when doing holes in sleeves. A perfect solution for baby or kids clothing or trouser legs.



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