How to choose the hat best suited to the shape of the face

The hat is an accessory that, in addition to determining the style, completes and gives that extra touch to the look. The china hats must give harmony to the face and balance with the outfit; consequently, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying one:

  • The structure of the hat itself : the crown (the “dome” part that wraps the head), the brim (or brim, the part that protrudes from the crown) and the type of material used, which makes it soft or rigid.
  • The size : it must be your measurement and the size appropriate to your constitution. • The shape of the face : not all hats enhance the different types of face in the same way.

I start from this last point to give some examples to choose chinese hats according to your face.

Oval face

The oval face possesses the contour line in oval shape. The cheekbone area is more prominent than the forehead and chin.

It is among the most harmonious shapes: therefore, if you are lucky and have this type of face, you can wear any model of hat !!

Just a small detail: avoid hats with the crown smaller than the line of the cheekbones.

Square face

The square face possesses a strong lower jaw which is the same width as the line of cheekbones and forehead.

Choose shapes that soften the angular lines of the face, such as the cloche, the bowler hat, the wide and soft brimmed hats or the fabric caps.

Avoid hats that are boxy or with sharp angles.

Round face

This face is characterized by the contour line that forms an almost perfect circle. The measure is similar both in height and in width.

Choose asymmetrical shapes, clear and oblique lines; the use of some ornament that increases the height of the hat, helps to further streamline the features.

Avoid hats with a high, rounded crown and a wide brim.

Better to opt for a Fedora model (the classic men’s model, similar to the Borsalino ), a tambourine (a hat model without a brim), or choose soft, fabric caps that can be placed strategically.

Face to heart

The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, much wider than the chin line, which is narrow and thinned.

Avoid hats with a high crown or a wide brim, as they will accentuate the broad forehead and the small chin more.

Focus on hats with a narrow brim and angular lines because they help to give more volume to the lower part of the face.

Try a cloche model (the typical bell-shaped model), a pillbox (the model that Jacqueline Kennedy used), a beret or with soft fabric caps.

Oblong face

The oblong or elongated face is narrow at the sides and is much more developed in length than in width.

Avoid hats that increase the volume at the top of the head, such as models with a pointed crown, or with a narrow brim, because they emphasize the length of the face.

Opt for models that give harmony to the face thanks to the horizontal lines, such as plate-shaped ceremonial hats (“Saucer”), cloche, soft fabric caps, or, if you are tall, hats with a wide and soft brim.

I mainly dedicate myself to creating fabric hats and turbans , which, as you could read in the article, enhance every type of face.

These are only simple general indications, more suitable for those who are looking for a formal hat, or in any case rigid, both winter and summer.

There are many more factors to take into consideration, such as the event in which the hat will be worn, the make-up, the hair, the person’s constitution, personal taste….

To conclude, I firmly believe that if you like a particular hat model, forget about the “rules” and wear it because it will make you feel good. People will immediately notice that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing because you have remained true to your essence.

The accessory, as well as the clothing, must in no way dominate your personality.


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