SOM Talk Live Creator Rueben Wood Talks How It All Started!

SOM Talk Live is an Entertainment talk show created by host Rueben Wood. Known for asking the right questions and having memorable moments on screen, Rueben Wood took his concept of interviewing to Noire TV of Caspen Media putting the show on a worldwide platform.

Wood has stated, “ I got into doing interviews back in 2012, before podcasting was a thing. For me I just wanted to make a transition from making music to being behind the scenes. The music business and entertainment industry changed so much, now you see our favorite rappers and singers creating talk shows and podcasts that consumers digest on a daily basis. I wanted to create a show that people rocked with and that I could build a brand from.”

Cable network Noire TV added SOM Talk Live to its programing in November of 2022. Since it’s adding to cable TV the both brands have expanded and become some of the biggest outlets for entertainment and content. Rueben brings the chill laid back element to talk shows and tv with an informative twist.

Tune in to Noire TV every Wednesday night at 10pm EST.


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