Math Playground: The Best Resource for Students to Learn Math

We all know that it is tough to find the best resources to help your child with math. However, the math practice moved from the traditional approach to the international process from the previous twenty years. The most challenging time of practicing math comes when the students solve problems at their homes. Because of the busy schedule of parents, the kids didn’t get any help, and they didn’t solve these problems.

There are too many organizations that realize this problem of kids and create a resource for children to understand the math concepts and solve problems in a fun way. Now we are talking about the best resource, Math Playground. This article will tell you everything about the math playground that you should know. So, read the complete article to see how a math playground is the best resource for both children and teachers. 

What Is Math Playground?

The math playground is an educational website that contains math videos, games, different types of logic challenges for grades 1 to 6. It provides you with too many math games, and all these are designed for elementary and middle schools students. The main aim of these math games is to develop the ability of students to perform different math work. Includes the multiply, add, divide, use of decimals, and solve math problems. 

Children have the opportunity to explore the different math concepts, like fractions, whole numbers, geometry, and algebra. Other than this, here on this website, students can also play games related to math topics to understand the logic of different things. The video instructions are also present to help students understand the math problems.

However, all the games you will find on the math playground website are categorized by topic and grade level. Because of this, it is straightforward for every student to find anything according to the current math lessons. All the games on this website are engaging and best for every student to understand the concepts of math topics.
As we already mentioned, the math playground website games are categorized by grade level. So, if you select any game according to the grade level, then in this, you can find too many games that cover the different math concepts.

Sections of The Math Playground:

However, you will find the four major sections of the math playground website. All the sections are given below.
Logic Games: In this section, you will find the different types of math games that help you to improve your logic and analytical thinking. You can play all the games individually that you will find in this section.
Math Arcade: In this section, there are too many math games present, and you have the opportunity to play all these games with your friends and family members.
Story Math: In this section, all the math games are for word problems.
Math Videos: It is the best section of this website, here you will find the different math videos that help you understand the various math concepts.

What Parents Should Know About the Math Playground:

Parents need to know that the math playground website is the best source for their children, packed with math fun games. This website was created by the educational consultant and the math teacher. So you will never find anything wrong on this website. 

Here students will find the tutorial videos, different math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and beginning programming. But remember one thing, that this website needs the flash every otherwise, you will miss the functionality. But if you are using it free, the different Google ads will appear on every page. We recommend you buy its premium version; all the pricing details are given below. 

Pricing Details OF Math Playground:

If you have decided to pay some money for your children’s future, then this website contains the premium plan. It includes an ad-free environment for math learning with the new and latest monthly activities. 

It provides a fantastic opportunity for teachers to create a particular classroom and manage it. This will make it easy for teachers to assign any game to the students. Other than this, with the help of this premium plan, students can play all the math games on full screen. However, the premium plan pricing includes:

  • The monthly pricing is $9.99/month
  • Quarterly pricing is $7.99/month
  • Yearly pricing is $5.99/month

This website supports every student with a vast collection of math topics, from mathematical art to thinking games and real-world math.


Overall, the math playground is the best educational website for every math student and teacher. With the help of a math playground, you can quickly learn every math concept differently. However, this website is the best resource for kinesthetic learners; it helps them practice their skills and increase their ability to learn math logic. 

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