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No one can deny that there is huge collection of new and interesting English words which you can use in your daily conversation. Unfortunately, people don’ search for new words and stick to old ones and use them. When you use old words, it makes people to let go out of interest while talking to you. 

It does not make any sense in this fast growing era. But it does not late, you can still have chance to learn unique English words with proper meaning.  There are some words which you may hear before, but don’t know the meaning at all. 

If you polish your vocabulary and try to use these new words, then you can impress the listeners instantly. It helps you to put good impact on people because these new and unique words attract most. 

It is not possible for someone to memorize these words at once. In this way, the best solution is to learn five words a day. After this, test yourself to use these words in your daily life conversation. Once you initiate, then do this according to plan. With the passage of time, you will notice that number of new and unique words in your updated vocabulary. 

Here we have some unique English vocabulary words with useful meaning to add in your vocabulary. All these are listed in a array of A-Z. Let’s dive into the river of these unique words.


It is sort of fascination and obsession with words. It explains to keep your wisdom search and curiosity high.


It means a well mind or beautiful consideration regarding to someone or something. Eunoia is Greek word and also sometime known as English vocabulary word. This word comprises of all the five vowels words. Always be positive and keep your thinking clear.


It means the things better left unsaid. Or also meant for the matter will not elaborate if pass over in silence. Mostly, people speak carelessly and they don’t even realise what to say and what to not. That’s why; one should think and then speak in order to not hurt other. Similarly, it is not right to say everything, but left some words to let the matter cool. 


This unique word explains the feeling of melancholy, longing or nostalgic. It comes from Galician and Portugeuse languages and gives indirect translation in English. Although it is unique and gives the meaning that sometime it becomes good for us to move along. The more you look forward, it is good to look in past, remind and then smile. 


Happy feelings; as butterflies in someone’s stomach. It actually came from the Philippine culture. At the time of happiness we can’t express our feelings, so now the word “Kilig” refer for these feelings. 


This unique word comes out from Hindi language which pronounces in respectful greetings. It shows divine gesture while greeting. This word is split into two, “Nama” stands for “bow” and “te” means “You”. So collectively it means for I bow for you in respect. 

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