Most common problem you may face when renting industrial equipment and avoiding them

You probably know the struggle of needing industrial equipment to do your job or participating in a project, since you do not want to incur the cost of purchasing expensive tools – but you struggle to find good rental equipment. There are several issues you need to be aware of, since these are not your tools, and measures you can take to avoid these problems.

Failing to account for timing

Irrespective of whether you want to look for equipment that can handle an existing project or you are starting a new job, it is important to consider rental timing – something many people fail to do. While renting equipment long before your job begins ensures that you have it available when needed, you will still need to keep timing in mind because you will pay rental fees whether you use the machine or not.

When starting on a project, it is important to know the best timing to look for equipment, since it is not yours. If you rent it too early, you risk losing the cost-effectivenessof renting.

Failing to choose rental providers close to your site

While smaller equipment may not present as much of a challenge when you rent it from somewhere far off, you will need to put this as an essential point if you are dealing with heavy machinery due to their transportation costs. The farther away the rental provider is, the more money you will spend moving the equipment to your job site.

There are instances when nearby dealers will not be an option if you want a specific equipment type that you can only get in limited areas. If this is the case, you can avoid the problem by sticking to a local rental business to avoid excessive costs of transportation.

Failing to rent the right equipment

While it is exciting to start new projects or tasks as they expand your experience and knowledge, it is essential to get the correct equipment for your work. Rental equipment comes in various options and styles suited to different tasks, and it is easy to get confused when choosing them – especially when renting industrial equipment since they tend to look similar. If you choose an incorrect tool, you will find yourself struggling to finish your work.

When selecting your equipment, pay attention to the details including size. This will come in handy when you are working in a limited area or enclosed space, so ensure you talk to the agent handling the rental tools before you sign the contract. They will give you additional advice to make the right choice, and help you avoid spending money on something you cannot use.

Failing to provide training for certain equipment

Renting machines is a great idea to save costs for your business without sacrificing work quality, especially when the equipment caters to a specific technical job. However, if you are renting equipment for your crew or employees to use, many businesses fail to factor in the training period when you show them how to use the tools at their disposal.

The lack of proper training for your employees presents serious challenges, because they may suffer fatalities or serious accidents. This will also incur extra costs you did not plan for, such as their hospital bills and compensation, while the business renting out their equipment to you can also sue you to get replacement expenses if their tools are damaged. 

To avoid this, make sure you factor in training times where you can learn the equipment’s use and best practices. Keep in mind that rental contracts will also include clauses that prohibit workers from using equipment they are untrained for, so make sure you remove these liabilities on your end.

Failing to take care of your equipment

When you are renting equipment, you do not need to worry much about the maintenance and repairs, since the rental company is responsible for that – the condition is that any breakdowns must be by-products of normal usage. If you fail to take care of the equipment, this puts you at risk of breaching the contract, and all the replacement and repair costs will pass to you.

To avoid the problem, ensure you care for rental equipment, stick to maintenance schedules and communicate to the rental business if there are any malfunctions as soon as possible. 

Renting industrial equipment is a great cost-saving measure, but you will need to avoid making these mistakes to get the most of your cost-reduction tactics.

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