Trello Cost vs Jira Cost Which One is the Better Deal

The recent pandemic has led office spaces to shift to remote or hybrid modes which have made online collaboration more important than ever. A project management software brings all work, data, team members, and communication modes to a single location. It helps managers delegate tasks, keep track of document processes, and evaluate the project progress. There are two products available on the market that can help with all of the above and they are namely Trello and Jira. This article not only compares Trello cost vs Jira cost but also goes over all the features to demonstrate its value for money. 

Trello vs Jira – Overview 

Trello software and Jira are leading project management solutions and each one has its own strengths. Although they are developed by the same vendor, Trello focuses only on Kanban boards while Jira offers Scrum, Sprint, and Kanban boards.  

Boards are used to track the project with visual components and Scrum focuses on small blocks of work called sprints that are usually completed over a short time frame. Scrum is mostly used by software development teams because they help break down complex tasks into more manageable subtasks. These boards follow a specific process that is rigid in its rules. Kanban boards are used to help visually recreate the workflow and it is a much more fluid system that can easily adapt to the changing project plans.  

When it comes to comparing Trello cost vs Jira cost, it is important to discuss their purpose. Trello is more suitable for businesses who want project management software for general use. It is flexible and can be implemented in a wide range of industries. No matter what the team size or project type, Trello can get the job done. Jira has more advanced features and it offers robust bug tracking capabilities. The tool can be used to track multiple releases of projects, help users customize their reports, and adjust the project goals. Although the comprehensive customization options are not as intuitive or easy to use as the ones offered by Trello. 

Trello Cost vs Jira Cost 

Trello software offers its basic version for free with a generous number of features. It allows teams with unlimited members to create unlimited boards and collaborate with unlimited task cards. There is also no restriction on Power-Ups and it supports integration with other third-party applications. The free version can be used by businesses with basic needs as a productivity tool.  

The paid version starts at $5 per user per month and allows teams to synchronize their data through GitHub, Slack, or Salesforce. Users can sign in through their Google account and access real-time insights with the reporting tools. They can upgrade to the premium plan for $10 per month or the enterprise plan for $17.50 per month. The prices will increase if customers choose the monthly billing option. 

Jira software has a free version too which is great for smaller teams and allows ten users to store files of up to 2 GB. It has basic roadmap features and is only limited to a cloud-based solution. To gain access to customer support, customers have to upgrade to the standard paid plan which starts at $7.50 per month for up to 20,000 users and keeps track of all changes in an audit log. 

Jira also offers a premium version for $14.50 per user per month which gives users access to advanced automation features, administrative insights, unlimited storage, and more. The enterprise plan includes all these features for an unlimited number of physical offices and a customized quote can be obtained from Jira.  

Who is Trello for

Atlassian has developed Trello to assist with general project management and it works well for a variety of projects. From marketing firms to event planners everyone can benefit from its planning features. One of the biggest advantages for Trello in the Trello cost vs Jira cost debate is that it is user-friendly. Beginners can start using the platform almost immediately with no training. 

Although Trello is easy to use it offers a comprehensive list of features. Atlassian has not sacrificed quality to maintain the ease of use and users can create new tasks, assign them to members, and leave comments on the card. They can also add file attachments, due dates, and tag members in the messages. Trello also allows users to filter the cards based on their category which makes it easier to locate the relevant information. Teams that rely on Salesforce or Slack will enjoy the seamless integration Trello offers on its paid plans.  

Who is Jira for

Jira includes Scrum, Kanban, and sprint boards which is two more than what Trello offers. It works better for project teams that want to implement agile methodologies in their work. It has won awards for the best agile project management software which shows that it is legitimate. Jira also offers more software integration options which makes it more functional. 

Those businesses that use other Atlassian products such as Confluence can easily integrate them with Jira software. It also provides users complete control over third-party plugins, extensions, and applications available on the Atlassian marketplace. These apps include new features in Jira which help organizations tailor the software to meet the specific needs of an organization.  

Another advantage of using Jira is that it offers an on-premises option along with the cloud-based version. Trello is only available as a cloud software package. However, Atlassian is in the process of migrating Jira to a cloud-based package as well which means new customers might not be able to purchase an on-premises version of Jira in the near future.  


When it comes to Trello cost vs Jira cost, teams should evaluate the products based on their features too. Trello is the software of choice for those who want basic functionality in an intuitive and flexible package. Jira is much more traditional and offers bug tracking features more suited to software development teams. These two platforms can also be synced to get the most out of them. 



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