Unfold the mystery related to the processes of bail bonds

Bail bonds allow an individual to post the bail that the person would not have been able to afford. Different bail bond companies come in defense of the person. The defendant pays the percentage of the bail amount to the bail bondsman, which is generally 10 to 15%. The payment is non-refundable. The role of the bail bondsman is to secure the bond for the individual in return for collateral. So bail bonds are security that assures an individual their freedom from being behind bars while they have to appear before the court on the trial dates.

What are bail bonds

The bail bond is a court payment by an agency on behalf of a criminal defendant, which comes as a security bond. Bail is the money the defendant has to pay to the court to get released from jail before the trial starts. When the defendant posts for bail, they need to appear before the court on the trial dates and comply with the rules and regulations of the higher authority. If the individual does not appear before the court, the bail bond agency sells the collateral to recover the amount.

The detailed process of bail bond

After the judges set the bail, you may contact your bail bondsman as early as possible. You have to sign an agreement with a bail bond agency so that you do not skip the trial and adhere to the rules and regulations of the court. These professionals, also known as bail bond agents, will apply for your defense by paying the bail amount. Although the percentage of the bail bond amount that they charge is 10 to 15%, it varies from one agency to the other. Once the person makes the payment, the release process starts. The team of Castle Bail Bonds secures the remaining part of the bail bond amount with the collateral.

Once the bail bond agent receives the fees with the collateral, the person posts the bail on your behalf. If you cannot cover their costs, these agents provide a payment plan with several payment options. These include debit cards, credit cards, and cash bill payments.

What is the role of the bail bondsman

The bail bond agent may work individually or be representative of an agency that posts the bail on behalf of the defendant. The bail bondsman works for profit making, which they procure from the fees you pay. By posting for the bail, they keep your collateral with the percentage of the bail bond amount. In some countries, these individuals make money by getting the defendant to court. 

Whenever you look for a bail bond agent, go for a reputed agency. Remember, many options are available just at the click of a button. You may visit their website to get information about their services and area of operation. You must adhere to the court rules when you get charged with a criminal case. 

Do not miss the court dates, and you cannot take these things lightly. Try analyzing the terms and conditions of the agreement you conclude with a bail bond agent to get your interests sorted.

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